Hollywood Writer Bridget Kyle Gives Insight on Writers Strike

Bridget Kyle, co-executive producer of “Booty” and “American Auto,” says the current labor dispute is about more than just wages.

CLEVELAND — She’s not the only one playing Kyle on TV.

“My name is Bridget Kyle. Maureen Kyle It’s my little sister,” she joked, often introducing herself.

Bridget Kyle moved to Los Angeles in 2009 to pursue her dream of becoming a Hollywood writer. She started her career as an intern and her assistant writer on her Fox TV show Family Guy, after which she was promoted to writing staff for shows like NBC’s ‘Marry Me’ and ‘Superstore’.

Today, Kyle is co-executive producer of Apple TV’s Loot (starring Maya Rudolph) and NBC’s American Auto. But now she’s also joined her line of nearly 12,000 TV and film writers Piquet, from Hollywood studios to Manhattan. on strike Higher minimum wages, more writers per show, and less exclusivity for any single project, among other demands.

“Streaming really changed the game,” Kyle explained, adding that writers who used to receive thousands of dollars in leftovers, or royalties, for reruns today receive hundreds of dollars for the same content. “The studio says streaming is like a web series, not really TV. But that’s not true. It’s TV.”

But Kyle says it’s more than just a payment. Rather, she said, it’s a battle for the quality of the show and against new artificial intelligence technologies, including the likes of Chat GPT, which writers fear may replace their jobs. increase.

“We believe human experiences should be written by humans,” Kyle told 3News. [AI].”

The strike could halt many productions and reschedule summer and fall TV shows. The Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance, which is negotiating on behalf of Hollywood companies, said in a statement that its proposal included “increased generous compensation for writers.” The organization added that it was willing to continue negotiations.

It’s an existential battle for the writers in a story that’s still unfolding.

“I think that forcing them to make something in a very short amount of time would undermine the product,” said Kyle. “The whole industry will suffer.”

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