Hotshot trucking authority: a brief overview of hotshot trucking

Hotshot trucking is a type of trucking business that involves transporting loads within a specific period. A construction company sends this load to the site urgently to avoid any loss to their company. The company contracts these truckers through any online platform like the trucking authority, and the truckers can take the task of transporting the load.

Hotshot trucking authority is becoming the first choice of those truckers who want to start working as truck drivers. These truckers can deliver the load to both short and long distances. This depends on the specific type of truck and the load of the trailer.

Is hotshot trucking worth a try?

If you are not positive whether you want to pursue a career in the traditional trucking field or not, You can check that through hotshot trucking. You don’t need any commercial license of a truck driver for starting this business. If you don’t have much money, you can still give it a shot.

Hotshot trucking is different from a typical commercial trucking business because these truckers are independent workers. They get the jobs via online sites and take the small loads to the destination within the assigned time frame.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hotshot trucking?

There are many benefits of hotshot trucking as well as few drawbacks too. It is not necessary to be an independent worker. Companies are also using the services of hotshot trucking authorities to make the work easier for their workers.


  1. It can be started with a minor investment, and you don’t have to put a lot of your money at stake.
  2. It gives the sense of being in control. Independent truck drivers can have the luxury of staying at homes for a longer time.
  3. You can work as a hotshot trucker alongside your regular job. You can adjust the timing according to your schedule.
  4. You can decide the amount of money you are earning by pursuing this profession by getting more orders.


  1. Hotshot truck drivers have to be ready every time. They can get the order at any possible time, and they have to deliver the stuff at that time, whether it’s day or night.
  2. The income is not stable. Round the year, the number of loads you are required to carry can vary. In summer, the workload is high, but at times there could be no orders, and you won’t be making any money.
  3. You are accountable for any damage occurring to your truck, and you have to bear the maintenance cost.

How to begin hotshot trucking?

You can register with any service like hotshot trucking authority to check the load boards. These load boards are like a market where you can get the deal. The authority assigns you the type of load. CDL is not a necessity if you are not living in the US.

You must have the number of motor carrier authority. If you are transporting less than 10,000 pounds of load, you don’t need to have a commercial driving license. Hotshot trucking authorities act as an assistant for many trucking companies.

Hotshot trucking authority can help you in getting the paperwork done. This is important for delivering the load to their locations without any delay. You will be able to stay updated about the new FMCSA regulations.

Types of trucks hotshot trucking companies use:

There are different classes of trucks depending on the amount of load they can carry. In hotshot trucking, most trucks are smaller than the typical 8-wheeler trucks. In case of heavy load, these trucks also use trailers.

Different types of trailers that can be used are bumper pull, gooseneck, and Deckover. These trailers have their specifications. The bumper pull is more common and easy to handle, but it can carry less weight than a gooseneck.

For moving heavy equipment, Deckover is considered the best one among them. They have a large area for loading, and their height is low to support the load.


In the end, we can conclude that hotshot trucking can be made much convenient by using the hotshot trucking authority. This authority helps you in many ways, like taking care of your paperwork and assigning tasks depending on the type of truck and availability.

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