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Houston President Biden: What’s New, Videos, Photos from Travel

President Biden spends the afternoon at Harris’ EOC, Houston Food Bank, and NRG Park.

Houston — President Joe Biden And Dr. First Lady Jill Biden I’m going to Houston today following last week Winter storm.. It had a devastating impact on our area, with 4.4 million people losing electricity in Texas and another 14.4 having water problems, according to TCEQ.

And there is this number – 4 minutes 37 seconds.. It’s how close we are to a complete power grid failure that would have been exposed to the dark for weeks. While here he also Massive FEMA vaccination site..

The President and Dr. Jill Biden will leave Washington DC around 10 am and arrive in Houston around noon.

Dr. Jill Biden goes straight Houston Food Bank, President Biden Harris County Emergency Operations Center.. He later joins her at the food bank and heads for NRG. There he speaks.

We have a running account for his visit to Houston and you will see a live video in the window above. Also, if you find a photo of the convoy or anything else related to your Bidens visit, upload the photo or video to the NearMe section. KHOU News App..

Live update of President and First Lady visits

7:30 am- Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said travelers need to anticipate traffic delays from noon to evening due to their visit to Bydens. There is a large police presence mainly near the 610 loop. Check live traffic

6:30 am- KHOU reporter Brandis Smith lived in Ellington, #HTownRush. There, President Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden will arrive late today.

6 am- Looking back on past presidential visits to Houston. Click here for more information..

Thursday 10 pm- KHOU11 reporter Grace White lived outside the Houston Food Bank.

Houston President Biden: What’s New, Videos, Photos from Travel

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