How Can Spy Apps Steal Your Phone Data?

Our smartphone devices can store personal information, including usernames, birthdates, financial information, passwords, PIN, social security numbers, etc. As a result, this makes hacking a phone an attractive option for scammers and hackers. There are many techniques that hackers utilize to spy on a phone for personal information and insight. Also, stalkers can utilize malicious software and spy apps to spy on unsuspecting users.

Smartphones are not secure since these devices connect to various other networks like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and many more. Often mobile phones tend to lack security tools like anti-virus programs, encryption, and firewalls that protect them from hackers. Furthermore, system vulnerabilities happen to make mobile phones open to viruses and hacks.

Here are some ways that someone might be spying on your smartphone without you even knowing about the entire activity. In addition, these are some ways spy apps can steal your entire phone data. When you know how to track a phone, you can then follow the same steps to stop being spied by someone else.


Hackers tend to use social engineering to perform phishing information utilizing emails and text messages. Moreover, they pretend to be someone they aren’t and trick unsuspecting users into sharing confidential insight into their accounts or life. Phishing can also be performed in several ways. Speaking of which, one of the most popular methods of phishing attacks is via emails, texts, and phone calls.

Text messages

Phishing through SMS is also referred to as smishing. Here, the sender poses as a legitimate and authentic company man and asks you to provide personal information through text messages. In some cases, the text message may comprise a URL and might ask you to open the link. And, if you open the link, the entire thing will download malicious software on your smartphone.


Sometimes, scammers might use spy apps to send emails to phish personal insight. An email might comprise a link that downloads software to monitor a mobile phone. This way, a hacker may utilize this technique to download a keylogger, which can monitor and log the keystroke on your device. Having said that, the keylogger can track passwords and confidential data and then report it to the hacker using a spy app.

The information is then used for things like stealing money, identity theft, etc. Except this, a spy app can use email phishing to install software that can block applications, lock the device, and many more.

How to tell if an app is phishing you?

Phishing doesn’t only put your organization at risk but also your family and friends. As a result, you must identify phishing attempts. Here are some ways you can tell if an individual is phishing on you:


Xnspy is one of the spy apps that can record activity on smartphones. Though manufactured and sold as parental and employee monitoring apps, experts also believe that it’s a spyware program made and disguised for legitimacy reasons. A jealous spouse or an ex can utilize Xnspy to spy on a smartphone.

So, with this app, hackers can monitor call logs, text messages, emails, browser history, contact lists, and bookmarked web pages. The app tends to record chats on instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, LINE, Instagram Direct Messages, Kik, and many more. Moreover, the application works on Android and iOS devices. To download the app on Android phones, you need physical access to your device.

However, for an iPhone, the downloading process is quite straightforward, as an individual only needs the iCloud credentials: password and Apple ID. In addition, the hacker can also control the phone remotely. Spy apps, such as Xnspy and others, allow you to control the phone by wiping data, blocking applications, and locking the phone. Speaking of which, with call recordings and ambient listening features, a hacker can record calls and hear the phone’s surroundings.

How will you know if someone is spying using mobile malware?


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