How much does it cost to pack up a house for moving?

Usually, people think about hiring a moving company to help them with relocation. They search for a company, services and prices. A lot of people don’t hire professional moving companies because of prices. They think that even if it will be harder, it is better to save some money and do everything by themselves. In this article, we decided to tell about prices for help from moving companies.

What’s in this cost guide?

We want not only tell you how much does it cost to move with the help of moving company, but explain how the prices are created. There are different options the moving companies offer and also prices on supplies can vary. So, in this guide we will tell:

With this information, you will better understand what you will get, if you contact a moving company.

What affects the cost of packing services?

There are several factors that impact moving cost. The first one is distance. Any moving company that bills you for your relocation will take distance into account. Obviously, a relocation across the street will be less expensive than a move across a state.

The second factor is types of items. The objects being transported will also have a significant impact on how much the movers will charge you. Your charge may go up if you order heavy or expensive items like artwork, pianos, etc. because safe delivery necessitates more care and attention. Additionally, heavier items may call for more durable packaging techniques, which will increase costs of the job.

The last factor is time packers have to do their job. The price also depends on how quickly you want to transport your items. Additional crew members would need to be hired and the cost would rise if you wanted your products packed and delivered in a single day.

How much do moving supplies cost?

If you don’t want any troubles during the move, you need quality supplies materials. The right moving containers (cardboard boxes in a range of sizes, plastic containers, etc.), wrapping and cushioning supplies (bubble wrap, packing paper, moving blankets etc.), securing supplies (packing tape, plastic wrap, etc.), and labeling supplies are all necessary.

You should budget between $100 and $150 on average for the high-quality packing supplies needed to pack a one-bedroom house ($150 to $200 for a two-bedroom home, $250 to $300 for a three-bedroom home, and $400 to 450 for a four-bedroom home).

Average cost of boxes by size

You will require some sturdy boxes whether you decide to rent a moving truck. Costs for individual moving boxes start at a few bucks. It can cost around $20 for one clothes box.

The average prices of boxes are:

Packing services costs

Expenses for labor and supplies are included in the cost of hiring professional packers. Your expenses might be reduced if you give the packers your own supplies, including boxes, packing tape, and other things. Ask packing businesses if their quotes include supplies while requesting quotations.

Destination also influences the price.

Paradise Move&Storage has valuation plans that can regulate the cost. Depending on how valuable your stuff is, you can choose coverage the company will have to pay in case of damage.

Hourly rate for packing services

Hourly rate for packing services is a common thing. Usually, the cost of a job per hour depends on how many workers you need. The more people you need, the higher the price per hour. At Paradise Move&Storage, for example, help of two packers costs around $120 per hour. If you require five workers, it will be around $300..

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