How to bet on American football to win.

Betting on American football: how to win?

Few people know, but American football is almost the most popular sport overseas. The final of the national league, known as the “Super Bowl”, breaks records for the number of views over and over again. And for any musician, it is a great honor to take part in such a final. However, few people know that you can make good money on this sport. Of course, this applies mainly to countries outside the United States and Canada, where betting on a national sport is wildly popular.

Before placing a bet

Before betting on volleyballs odds, you should know the following. Not all bookmakers give good offers on American football betting, especially for offices in some countries. This is due precisely to the fact that this sport is not very popular with us.

You need to pay attention to the specifics of the sport. American football is a very specific game in which too many little things and various factors are decided. It is necessary to very scrupulously understand the teams, players, tactical features, etc. In general, you need to be prepared for the fact that you will definitely not be able to bet here, at least if you really want to make money on it.

American football, like baseball, basketball (NBA), and ice hockey (NHL), is very closely related to statistics. In other words, you will have to “shovel” a lot of statistics before making the right bet.

Pros and cons of betting



How to bet on the NFL correctly

As you might have guessed, betting on any league other than the NFL is almost pointless, for the simple reason that you won’t find enough information on every match. The website of the National League alone can be more than enough to collect all the necessary statistics, various news on the composition and current form of players.

So, the recommended course of action is like this. First, you need to understand the rules, terminology. To do this, you need to view several matches in full (the more, the better). In the beginning, it will be extremely tedious (this football has an incredible number of pauses and stops. And, despite the fact that there are only 4 halves of 10 minutes in the game, one match can be watched for more than two hours. In short, without knowing the main base, it is simply pointless to bet here.

You need to decide on a bookmaker. If you decide to bet on a permanent basis, then most likely you will have to choose from American or European offices.

Of course, you need to decide on the betting strategies. It will be extremely difficult to make money here without clear tactics. Do not rush to get upset ahead of time, if you did not manage to win 2-3 matches in a row, it is likely that something needs to be revised and corrected.

We study statistics, determine the favorite and the outsider. Or we focus on whether the game will be productive or relatively dry.

After the statistics, we study the news for each team and for each key player on both sides. Probably, one of the leaders will miss the game, or he is in very bad shape – all this can seriously affect the result.

Do not be lazy to keep statistics of your own rates. This applies not only to betting on American football but also on all other sports. This will allow you to grow professionally, constantly progress, and learn from your own mistakes.

Is it possible to earn a lot?

The NFL is one of the few leagues in the whole world that accepts fabulous amounts at rates. On the finals of the Super Bowl in social networks, you can always find screenshots of various “celebrities” who bet millions of dollars, and just on your favorite team, so, purely cheer, as they say. The same goes for regular players. If you play in foreign bookmakers, then, in fact, you should not have any restrictions on the rates.


Before starting betting, it is imperative to know the rules and distinctive features of the sport. You must understand why this or that club won/lost in the meeting that you watched. Explore every type of statistic – for the entire team, quarterbacks, receivers, kickers, and other footballers. Read the news and use all the information you can find on the Internet. Any strategy for betting on American football gives a result only at a distance, if 2-3 bets have not been played, do not give up, analyze your progress and keep a record. 

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