How to find that online clothing bargain

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I recently started shopping for clothes on the resale site you’re writing. What took so long? I found some incredible bargains, but I also found that it would take forever to find what I was looking for. Searching for a particular item (a particular brand and my size) often results in hundreds (thousands or even) of sorting results, many of which are not my size or the brand I specified. I’m also surprised that some sites offer fairly devastated, faded items that look like they should be in the gift trash can. Are there any time-saving tips to help you search for online bargains?

— Sandy T.

Dear Sandy: I’m very happy to hear that you started shopping on these sites. Not only can these sites save you money, but they can also help you with your favorite items that are obsolete. And of course, there is also the aspect of reuse / recycling that helps the environment. I have a favorite running bra that hasn’t been produced for years, but it’s relatively easy to find on these sites.

If you know exactly what you are looking for, many sites allow you to fill out a form to warn you when your favorite item is listed. However, another way to limit the number of search results that need to be flipped is to search for the items “NWT” and “NWOT”. NWT is new with tags. NWOT is new without tags. Both mean that the item is second hand but has not been worn before. My friend Maggie, who started swimming to burn pandemic calories, was desperate for some high-quality, well-known branded swimwear, but didn’t want to pay more than the $ 100 they often sell. Her NWT search found what she was looking for at a price of 25-40% of the original retail price. Score!

For those who have never experienced the joy of online wardrobe bargain hunting, here are some sites to explore. Readers, send us your favorites:;;;; and and for luxury brands.

Online shopping can also go awry …

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Have you ever experienced a wedding dress, wedding dress or mother of the bride dress site with dozens of styles and about 45 color choices? They seem to be abroad. When you log in to their site, you’ll be flooded with coupons, sales, animations and more. In addition to the abundance of colors and styles, it is convenient to see many dress styles on both slim and plus size models. However, I’ve heard from someone who ordered from one of these sites that there is absolutely no way to return anything, that is, there is no address on the packaging. Her dress was offered in the right size and fabric, but it didn’t look exactly like the style I ordered. Has any of your readers ever had a good or bad experience ordering custom dresses from these sites?

— Allison F.

Dear Allison: Many of these sites will captivate you with beautiful pictures and real prices that are too good. Just pirate a legitimate fashion professional photo from a trusted website, and what you get with your money, if you receive anything, is completely different from what you ordered. And wish you good luck to get your money back. As a general rule, avoid all too good offers. And readers who actually receive the item tell me that sizing is often funny. Large or oversized turns out to be US size 2 or 4. You understand the idea. Think of it as a warning!

Leader Land

From Donna H.: “It’s no wonder women don’t wear the right bra. Have you ever seen an ad for a bra? The model doesn’t even wear a fit. So it’s trying to emulate If you are, you are guaranteed failure. Keep curating our desires, needs, and rants. You are the best! “

Angelic reader

Janice O. Wrote as follows. Land’s End ( A small 100% cotton T-shirt for women in Thor. The tall is long enough that it won’t turn into a box-shaped shirt, even with some shrinkage. From Ellen: Why didn’t I think of it? Thank you very much, Janice.

For those who have never experienced the joy of online wardrobe bargain hunting, Answer Angel Ellen Warren offers several sites to explore.

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How to find that online clothing bargain

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