How to fix broken app notifications on your Android phone

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Android app notifications are often corrupted if you haven’t updated the offending app. Visit the Google Play Store to check for updates to all apps on your smartphone.

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Software can sometimes work in strange ways. I have my own heart. Or you may have just changed something that makes things worse.There may be a scenario with you Android phone If new notifications don’t pop up, you may see only some notifications, or you may suddenly see all notifications when you open the app. There are several reasons why this can happen, but what actually happens can be the right combination of irritation and anxiety. But don’t worry. For most Android smartphones, the troubleshooting method is similar, and we’ll walk you through these steps so that your app’s notifications work again.

• Check if you accidentally enabled it do not disturb Or simply forget to turn it off or schedule it to be disabled the last time you enabled it. This slides down the notification bar at the top of the home screen,[設定]>[サウンド]Or[DND]You can check it with the icon.

• Have you updated all the apps that are currently having problems? You may be having problems because you are running an older version of the app. Visit the Google Play store Check for updates All apps on your phone.

• Is there a battery saver setting that dials down notifications because the phone’s battery charge is low?go to Settings> Battery Check the settings there.

• Restart your phone. Many of these issues occur because the process is stuck in the background or the app is killed due to a specific bug. Upon reboot, the memory will be cleared and you will have to start over.

• Did you turn off app notifications by any chance?go to Settings> Apps & notifications Find out what access each app has to send notifications. This will list the system apps and the installed apps.

• On many Android smartphones, you can disable mobile data or Wi-Fi data access in some apps. You may not receive the notification because the conditions are checked.[設定]>[アプリと通知]Go to and check the option Data usage management (It may be called by a different name on another phone).All important apps Set to “Allow”..

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How to fix broken app notifications on your Android phone

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