How to Hire A Hacker To Penetration Test Your Website

As a matter of fact, the IT sphere is not an easy one, since the competition is extremely high. Rivals not only try to come up with better products than you, but also strive to steal some pivotal information from you. Let’s be objective, bad guys are waiting for your weak sides to be noticed.

Then the question arises: “ What is the best way to secure a website from possible hackers’ attacks?” Well, the best thing you can do is to put your system to a penetration test. Only by doing this you will be capable of detecting the most vulnerable sides of your website and eliminating them.

What’s more, a lot of companies tend to buy ready-made technologies thinking that they are of high quality. But the sad reality is that they can turn out to be a real disaster for your business.

After taking a decision to make a penetration test you should start searching for a professional hacker. This person should have high expertise and a sharp mind. If your budget allows, hiring two professional hackers will be a good idea. In such a way you will feel secure and safe.

Taking into account the vast experience our company has, we want to share with you some tips which will bring about your website security and help you choose a professional hacker.

How to Hire A Hacker To Penetration Test Your Website

  1. Pay attention to the status

You should know that there are a few organizations that provide appropriate training and offer Certified Ethical Hacker accreditation which proves the professionalism of a person. Consequently, if a hacker can boast of such a certification it will add to his or her value both in terms of skills and price.

Moreover, some personal traits of character should be also taken into consideration. A brilliant hacker must be curious, creative, and energetic.

  1. Decide on a budget

To tell you the truth, the price may vary depending on the company, the environment size and engagement length. The most optimal variant is to perform cyber security testing within 7-10 days. The average price for such services varies from $10,000 to $12,000. By paying such a sum of money you will get the screenshots, and sample codes of the documented attacks and the roadmap on how to fix security vulnerabilities.

  1. Make your best

Please, don’t think that companies with a limited budget can’t produce a premium product. Luckily, nowadays a number of open-source apps for basic code and content scanning are available. Thanks to them you will be able to detect some obvious vulnerabilities. Of course, hiring a hacker will be more effective, albeit expensive.

  1. Be ready to face the consequences

Well, the more aggressive the testing is, the more vulnerabilities hackers can find. Consequently, not all the companies are ready to fix these weak points, because they lack money or expertise. As you can guess, due to this a lot of companies set limits for hackers’ actions. Well, then the question arises: “Do you think that real offenders will ask you for permission to hack the website? “. Definitely, no. That’s why if you decided to put the product to a penetration test, be ready to face the music. You should apply to such measures without having the budget and ability to fix problems. Otherwise, such check-ups are useless. Remember that you don’t do this just to tick the box, your aim is the products’ safety.

How to Hire A Hacker To Penetration Test Your Website

  1. Decide on a test type

You should read a lot of topic-related literature before taking any serious decisions. It is pivotal to know that there are white, black and gray-box penetration tests.

Well, what’s the main difference between them? During white-box tests the company owner gives extensive information about the product which will be checked. On the other hand, black-box one presupposes no information about the environment at all. The last but not the least, gray-box test is something between two previous ones.

Drawing conclusions 

All in all, penetration testing is the best way to view your website from the enemies’ perspective. You should understand that your competitors can be interested in hacking you, that’s why you should be prepared for possible difficulties. Moreover, if your website allows money transaction or contains some private information about the customers, the consequences of safety violations can be really devastating. Just assess risks and take an appropriate decision!

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