How to Increase Likes On Instagram Posts

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms where millions of worldwide people are daily active in it. More than 1 billion people throughout the world are in Instagram and active monthly. More than 100 millions pictures and videos are posted every day. So you can identify how much popular it is. It is a free video and photo sharing application from where you can also earn money. Recently Instagram launches its new feature reels where you can post your videos with music and earn money. Everyone wants to get more followers and lots of likes. Most of us don’t know how to increase Instagram followers free then GetInsta will help you to increase your likes and followers. In this article we will discuss how to increase Instagram likes and followers without investing any money.

Tips for increasing likes:

As much as your posts get likes, you are getting popularity on Instagram. Everyone in the internet counts their likes. GetInsta will help you to increase your free Instagram likes on your posts. There are also so many ways for increasing Instagram likes as well as followers such as:

1. Post high quality pictures:

Everyone posts their photos on Instagram so to become a knowing face and get more likes you have to post your best pictures. Quality takes a major place to get more likes because people always attract by high quality pictures.

2. Use appropriate filter:

On Instagram a lots of filters are there but not all the filters suit on you so at first choose your favorite filters and post pictures with that filters. Because it creates branding among the followers so whenever they open the feed, they remember you and give a like on your picture.

 3. Share pictures on facebook with Instagram:

When your Instagram account linked with your facebook account, you share your photos on Instagram, it automatically shares on facebook. So that your facebook friends will know about your Instagram account and they will follow you as well as like your posts on Instagram.

4. Use location tag:

Use location tag so that you can attract your followers too. For example, you upload a photo with Kolkata location so that when anyone searches Kolkata on Instagram, your picture will appear in their search results.

5. Use trending hashtags:

Hashtags are also helping to increase likes on Instagram. When you use trending hashtags with your photo, when someone open this hashtags they will see your photos and if they liked your pictures they will surely give you a like.

Some important tips:

  • The high-qualitymanner to shield you is through two-step confirmation, so even thougha

Personis aware of your username & password; they may not be capable of login. And you can permit two step confirmations with the aid of using going in your Instagram settings.

  • Keep your account password break free every social media debts. People’s addiction is frequently the identical password is using everywhere, in case you are one in every of them, preventoperating like this. Since if a person know your password, they may hack your entire social media debts with your Instagram may also be hacked after whichthey are able to misuse your Instagram ID.
  • Always alternate your Instagram password; nobodycould becapable of hack your account. The passwords have to be modifiedinsidesome


Hope this article will help you to gain more Instagram likes. There are so many apps that increase your followers and likes and GetInsta is one of them. Though genuine ways are always more effective and believe that GetInsta is a 100% genuine site.


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