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How to Join Taps Across America 2021

Americans are encouraged to play a solemn 24-tone bugle call at 3 pm anytime, anywhere to honor those who died during military service.

Toledo, Ohio — Taps Across America can once again honor and participate in military personnel who have served the country and died.

At 3:00 pm local time on Memorial Day, thousands of participants are scattered across the country, ringing the 24 tones of taps, the most majestic trumpet call.

Baglers and trumpeters will ensure that this musical tribute is given to the last giver, as President Abraham Lincoln said, on the front porch, apartment balconies, driveways, sidewalks, graveyards and monuments. , Ring the phone. A perfect measure of dedication.

Anyone can participate. If you participate, we also encourage you to send your photos and videos to and share your recordings and photos with us. Or send a text message to 419-248-1100 or Free WTOL 11 app..

Tag social media videos with the hashtag #CBSTaps #TapsAcrossAmerica #TapsForVeterans #TapsBugler #Taps #NationalMomentofRemembrance.

If you’re looking for Taps sheet music You can find it here Or check the photo below.

The idea was to observe a minute of silence at 3 pm, then find a place to play and make a phone call. Last year, more than 10,000 people participated, paying homage, reflecting on it, and remembering it.

If you’re not playing and you hear a majestic trumpet bark, there’s etiquette to follow. What if you hear a tap? When you hear a tap, you need to react like a national anthem. Stand up, face the music, and place your hands on your heart. Veterans may salute.

Taps Across America is sponsored by Taps For Veterans, an organization specializing in finding live buglers for funeral and memorial services. Founded in 2012 by Jari Villanueva, a retired US Air Force band who served as a trumpet at the Arlington National Cemetery for 23 years. You can read Jari’s biography at TapsBugler.

Taps For Veterans again Partnered with Steve Hartman on CBS on the Road To spread the reputation of this annual event. CBS will run a special program on Memorial Day weekend at Norah O’Donnell and CBS Sunday Morning on CBS Evening News, inviting millions of viewers to attend.

Taps Across America began last year as a way for performers to ring Taps in their neighborhood during the National Moment of Remembrance to commemorate Memorial Day during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here for details on how to participate.

How to Join Taps Across America 2021

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