How to play PUBG Mobile Indian version

Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access

Battlegrounds Mobile India was released in much the same game as PUBG Mobile, with some tweaks to Indian regulations and Indian users.

Immediately after Battle Ground Mobile India Maker Crafton has made the game live for beta testers with Early Access. The game is now available to everyone. Crafton Battlegrounds Mobile India Announced in a post on the Facebook page. This was after the company announced that it would add beta slots on Friday, June 18th. Anyone can now play the Early Access build of Battlegrounds Mobile India and users can access Battlegrounds Mobile and enroll in the program. India beta testlink and registration as a tester. Then users can go ahead and download Battlegrounds Mobile India, an Indian avatar. PUBG Mobile..

Crafton Announcement Early Access is available to everyone on the official Facebook page of Battleground Mobile India. Participating in Early Access will give you special items such as supply crate coupons, two Exp cards, and two BP cards, the company said. The launch ends the months of waiting for PUBG Mobile fans, who were desperately waiting for the game to return to the country. Users can access and sign up for Early Access. Beta test link, And register as a tester.Then the user can go to Google Play Store Download Battlegrounds Mobile India. Users are encouraged to follow the link on the beta test page to visit the Play Store and download Battlegrounds Mobile India. Please note that this is not the final version of the game and is only used for testing purposes before Krafton releases the final version.

Battlegrounds Mobile India was released in much the same game as PUBG Mobile, with some tweaks to match Indian regulations and user base. Minor changes included green blood and the word “kill” was replaced with “end”. That is, it is not killed or killed, it “finishes” and “finishes”. There is also a voice disclaimer before the start of every match, reminding people to limit their time. This is called the “gameplay management system”.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is currently only available for Android and it is unknown when the game will be released. iPhone user. However, according to the report, iOS will be released in the next few days.

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How to play PUBG Mobile Indian version

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