How to scan documents, ID cards and books with just your smartphone

There was a time when we needed a machine to scan photos, signatures and documents to fill out applications and submit documents. Thanks to the improved quality of cameras on smartphones and featured apps, you can use extensions to completely replace the scanner. With a few simple steps, you can scan your documents using an app that matches your physical scan quality.

step 1: If you do not already have the Scan app installed on your smartphone device, you will need to access and download the Play Store / App Store.

Step 2: Click on it and follow the onscreen instructions to create or log in to your account.

Step 3: When you log in, the camera interface opens and there are various modes that you can scroll horizontally to find the mode you need. Normally, you need a document scan mode that should be open by default. There are also other modes such as whiteboards, books, ID cards, business cards and more.

Step 4: When you’re ready, point your camera at the document you want to scan.

Step 5: By default, the app has auto-capture enabled. This means that you only have to press the screen once after the document is displayed in the viewfinder of the camera. The app shows that magic and the viewfinder detects the four corners of the document. While the app is capturing the document, you will be prompted to stabilize your hand. Hold your hand firmly and wait for the capture to finish.

Step 6: Once the document is captured, the app will go to the reconciliation page. If the automatic capture is incorrect, you can choose to crop the image manually. If you want to scan more pages, tap the “Continue Scan” button. When completed or when making adjustments[調整して保存]Tap.

Step 7: Next, on the right[PDFとして保存]Tap the option to save the scanned file as a PDF.

Step 8: To save the scanned image as JPEG, use the next screen.[JPEGとして保存]Tap. or,[その他]Tap and[デバイスにコピー]You can also press to save the PDF file to internal storage.

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How to scan documents, ID cards and books with just your smartphone

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