Hurricane wants to “reimburse himself” in the face of Canax after a flat tire

The worst performance of the season for Carolina Hurricanes means looking for a better one on Saturday afternoon hosting the Vancouver Canucks in Raleigh, NC.

“The good news is to come back and get better,” said Rod Brind Amour, director of Carolina, and said it was an opportunity to “reimburse themselves” for Saturday’s outings.

The hurricane was the first shutout victim of the season and lost to Columbus Blue Jackets 6-0 on Thursday night. This was Carolina’s first game of the season without the defensive Jaccob Slavin on the COVID protocol list earlier this week.

Hurricane will be just the sixth game with a four-week stretch when Canax arrives.

“We have to go into the ditch and start the game,” said Jordan Staal, captain of Hurricane. “I think it was frustrating last month. Our group joins it, gets some games under our belt and starts playing Carolina Hurricane Hockey.”

The hurricane hasn’t been in the ditch for about two weeks, for whatever reason. From time to time, they won anyway, said defense Tony Deangelo.

“We know what kind of team we are, so we have to start showing it,” he said.

For the latest results, Brind’Amour said the hurricanes should be locked for the Vancouver match. They lost a series of games for the first time since the three skids from November 28th to December. 2.2.

“I will get everyone’s attention,” said Brind Amour. “Believe me, I don’t have to say too much.”

Canax has endured even tighter schedules. After a nine-day vacation, they returned to a 5-2 defeat in Florida on Tuesday and a 4-2 defeat in Tampa Bay two nights later.

“I thought most of the games were really good,” said Bruce Boudreau, coach of Canax, about going out Thursday night.

Vancouver is looking for a breakthrough. I wasn’t very lucky in the Tampa Bay game.

“There are four power plays and you can’t get anything,” Budlow said. “It’s my fault for always having the same person there. It needs to get better.”

During the power play of Canax, there was a total of 1 shot in the goal. Meanwhile, Carolina has stopped the power play of the opposing team 30 times in a row until December 7.

Carolina returns to goalkeeper Frederik Andersen, who was selected for the NHL All-Star Weekend. He was pulled after scoring four 32 shots in a Columbus match.

Brind’Amour said he thought it was a good idea to get him off the ice as he had more chances to score in front of him. In addition, the Saturday afternoon showdown will reduce travel time.

With this change, Jack LaFontaine made a rough debut in the NHL. Jack Lafontaine allowed two goals in three shots during the final 14:57 play.

Stahl told the goalkeeper that he felt sick because he was allowed a chance to leave.

“It’s not our style. It’s not our game,” he said. “We will play better in front of them.”

The match has certain importance in Raleigh, as the new president and interim general manager of Vancouver’s hockey operations is Jim Rutherford, longtime president and GM of Hurricane’s.

He was involved when the franchise moved from Hartford to North Carolina in 1997 and put together a team that won the 2006 Stanley Cup.

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Hurricane wants to “reimburse himself” in the face of Canax after a flat tire

Source link Hurricane wants to “reimburse himself” in the face of Canax after a flat tire

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