I like and hate candy tricks or treaters

Halloween is just a few weeks away. In other words, it’s time to stock up on candies right now. Specifically, it means Ohio, or charm blow pop.

Wait, what?

Yes, lollipops with a bubble gum center seem to be the most popular candy in Buckeye. It uses 14 years of data to compile a list of the most popular sweets in each state, according to a survey by the online bulk candy store

In Ohio, they are Blow Pops, followed by M & M and Starburst.

surprised? Was it disappointing? Well, at least we’re not Montana. In Montana, candy is double bubble bubble gum.

According to the National Retail Federation, the average home spends $ 32 on trick-or-treat candies.

The main ways consumers plan to celebrate are handing out candy (66%), decorating homes and gardens (52%), dressing up costumes (46%), carving pumpkins (44%), Includes party hosting or participation (25%). percent).

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Ohio kids like blow pop Ohio kids like blow pop

Columbus dispatch

Top 3 ohio

1. Blow pop.

2. Wreath cup

3. M & M

Top 3 countries

1. Wreath cup

2. Skittles

3. M & M

Please do not give out

1. Candy corn

2. Circus peanuts

3. Peanut butter kiss

I like and hate candy tricks or treaters

Source link I like and hate candy tricks or treaters

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