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Idaho Shooting: Few School Cases Commit by Girls | News

Boise, Idaho — Authorities say they are trying to determine why the girl fired at a rural junior high school in Idaho, one of the few school shootings in which the suspect was a woman.

The shooting took place around 9 am on Thursday. According to police, the girl took her pistol out of her backpack and shot two other students and an adult caretaker before being disarmamented by the teacher and detained until police arrived. All three were shot in the limbs and no one was injured in a life-threatening manner.

Jefferson County Sheriff Steve Anderson said the investigation was likely to take “a considerable amount of time” on Friday. He said neither the name of the suspect (a sixth grade girl) nor the name of the teacher who disarmamented her would be released immediately.

According to Anderson, the shoot lasted about five minutes.

Sheriffs said in a statement that the incident was disastrous for victims, students, school staff, and the wider community. School shootings are rare in Idaho, and shootings in which the suspect is identified as a girl are rare, but not unprecedented nationwide.

Girls and women commit only 2% of both US and school shootings, according to data compiled by the group. Violence project..

This group has a database that tracks the shootings at school where multiple people were shot dead or heavily armed with the intention of firing indiscriminately. It contains 146 cases dating back to 1980. Only three of them were archers. Men are generally known to commit over 90% of murders, but experts vary for the exact reason.

Researchers have also found that archers targeting larger groups and schools tend to study perpetrators before them, who are likely to be male.

Jillian Petersen, president of the Violence Project, a forensic psychologist and professor at Hamline University, said:

According to Peterson, boys generally tend to externalize their anger and sadness towards others, while girls tend to internalize those feelings and have a higher rate of depression and anxiety. ..

According to Peterson, the fact that the girl’s bullet injured rather than killed three means she wasn’t as carefully planned and gun-savvy as other similar shooters. May indicate.

The girl is also younger than most school shooters who often go to high school. According to a database of violence projects, about 18% of school shootings took place in junior high school, most of them teenagers and older. According to Peterson, there were only a handful of sixth grade students.

two Recently the study The US Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center provides insights into the common characteristics of many children planning or performing shootings at school. Students were often bullied, suffering from stress-induced depression at home, and behaving to worry about others. They were often absent from school before the attack.

Most of the attackers who fired deadly school shots were men. According to a study, seven were women. According to researchers, 63% of attackers were white, 15% were black, 5% were Hispanic, 2% were Native or Alaska Natives, 10% were mixed races, and 5% were undecided.

School shooting has become more and more common in the United States over the last two decades, but remains relatively rare in Idaho. In 1999, a high school student in Knowth fired a shotgun several times. No one was hit by the shooting, but one student was injured by the bounce of debris from the first shell.

In 1989, a student at Rigby Middle School pulled a gun, threatened teachers and students, and took a 14-year-old girl hostage. Police rescued the hostages from a nearby church about an hour later and detained the teenager. No one was shot in the case.

In 2016, Idaho Legislature passed a bill allowing most people to carry hidden weapons without permission. However, that right does not extend to schools, courts and correctional facilities.

Earlier this year, Ammon Republican Rep. Chad Christensen (only 15 miles south of Rigby) said a law allowing school district employees with enhanced hidden weapons permits to carry guns to school grounds. Promoted. The bill passed the House of Representatives, but the Senate Committee did not move forward.

Kristensen said in a Facebook post about two hours after the shooting at Rigby Middle School that the state needs to do more to stop the shooting, people who opposed the hidden weapons bill. Criticized.

“Everyone who is in the way of my school is submitting a bill, so be ashamed of you. You know who you are!” Christensen wrote in a post.

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Idaho Shooting: Few School Cases Commit by Girls | News

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