If JD Vance is chosen as Vice President by Trump and they win re-election, what will happen to his Senate seat?

If JD Vance is selected as former President Trump’s running mate for the 2024 election and their ticket secures victory in November, the Ohio Republican’s Senate seat will fall under the jurisdiction of Governor Mike DeWine, also a Republican. Trump is anticipated to announce his choice by mid-July, with Vance widely speculated to be among the top contenders. Should Vance relinquish his Senate seat for the vice presidency, Governor DeWine would appoint a successor to complete the remainder of Vance’s term.

Vance himself has expressed readiness for such a scenario, emphasizing his commitment to national defense and strategic considerations as a potential vice president. His nomination could also position him as a formidable challenger against Vice President Kamala Harris in debates, a prospect noted by political commentators.

Governor DeWine, who has had a measured relationship with Trump, would likely appoint a Republican aligned with the party’s interests, although not necessarily as staunchly pro-Trump as Vance. Potential successors mentioned include State Senator Matt Dolan, Secretary of State Frank LaRose, and Jane Timken, each having received endorsements from various factions within the Republican Party.

As preparations unfold for the possibility of Vance ascending to the vice presidency, Ohio Republicans are strategizing to ensure continuity and alignment with Trump’s agenda in Washington. Despite past criticisms from Vance towards Trump, which he has since disavowed, his current alignment with Trump’s policies positions him prominently in the VP selection process.

Trump’s campaign advisers have dismissed past remarks by Vance critical of Trump, citing similar evolutions in political alliances seen in other candidates. Vance has reaffirmed his support for Trump’s presidency, emphasizing his contributions to prosperity and international relations, amidst ongoing speculation and preparations leading up to the official VP announcement at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee.

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