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The Illuminated The Park event at Madison Township will feature some additional illuminations this year.

Fireworks have traditionally been the main attraction, but the 2021 edition of Illuminated The Park also consists of wooden lights during the “Christmas in July” ceremony.

The 30-foot-high blue spruce, adorned with Christmas lights, will be lit up at 9:15 pm on July 23. Celebration of the traditional Illuminated The Park, which consists of an all-day festival leading to fireworks at dusk, is planned. July 24th.

Both events take place at Madison Township Park, At the intersection of the lake and the Hubbard road.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Illumination the Park. This is usually scheduled for the Sunday before Labor Day.

Like many other community events, Light Up The Park was canceled in 2020 due to the health and safety risks posed by the new coronavirus pandemic.

When it was decided to revive this year’s celebration, the organizers chose to hold the event in late July rather than on Labor Day weekend.

“The community needs something positive sooner or later, so we wanted to move Light Up the Park forward,” said event organizer Max Sorensen.

He mentioned the desire of people to resume normal rituals after enduring so many restrictions during the COVID-19 crisis.

Sorensen is Chairman of the Illuminated The Park Subcommittee of the Madison Joint Recreation District Board. Immediately after it was held in 2019, the district took over control of the event.

The event began as an idea proposed by Sorensen, who owns the Wagon Wheel Restaurant and Max’s Carryout, opposite Madison Township Park on Hubbard Road.

Some of his fellow bar and restaurant owners in the same section as Sorensen planned and performed the first Illuminated The Park celebration. Later, the Commission’s original employer cast expanded to include other community-oriented Madison residents.

Sorensen, Tim Sizemore, and Terri Wagoner all served simultaneously on the independent Light-up Park Committee and Madison Joint Recreation District Committee when Recboard took over the management of the annual event. All three will continue to serve as members of the Recboard Subcommittee.

The Madison Joint Recreation Area also sponsors the Septemberfest, an annual beer and wine festival on Labor Day weekends. Sorensen said holding the two events six weeks apart would help the REC board smoothly coordinate and run the two major events.

Sorensen said his wife, Susan, had proposed to start lighting the annual Christmas tree at Madison Township Park.

To realize that vision, Recboard got a blue spruce tree. It was donated by the Madison Township Blotzman’s Nursery. It was planted in a township park between the baseball stadium scoreboard and Lake Road.

“The tree lights up every year on Thanksgiving weekends and continues to light up throughout the holidays as the Christmas tree for our new community,” Sorensen said.

To introduce the trees to the community, Recboard has decided to host the first tree lights on the eve of the 2021 Illumination The Park Festival and Fireworks Show. The Tree Ceremony is entitled “July Illumination The Park Christmas”.

The trees are decorated with Christmas lights purchased by Wreckboard. The plan is to light up the trees throughout the weekend to match the light up the park.

On July 24th, the all-day Illumination The Park program will begin at the festival at noon.

Family Fun Day includes a kids zone hosted by Madison High School cheerleaders. And artisans and food vendors.

Other upcoming activities on Fundy Day are:

• 1:00 pm — Opening ceremony with the American Legion Post 112 Color Guard flagging.

• 1 pm-3pm — Sign in to Madison Blue Streak Youth Soccer-sponsored punt, pass, and kick competitions.

• 1 pm-3pm — Alpaca, Alpaca, Alpaca hosted by Madison Alpaca Farm.

• 3:00 pm — Lifeflight helicopters will arrive and offer tours to festival guests.

• 4 pm — Madison Complex Martial Arts Exhibition.

• 6 pm — A man’s best friend dog training exhibition.

• 8 pm — lottery (50/50, Chinese auction).

According to Sorensen, the fireworks will start around 9:30 pm and the exhibition will last for 22 minutes.

He added that the 2021 Illuminated The Park Golf Tour raised all the funding needed to pay for the fireworks show.

Illuminate an upcoming park festival at Madison Township – The News-Herald

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