Importance of Restoring Aviation Services in Ohio

Since the invention of powered flight in Dayton, Ohio, the aviation services industry has experienced a share of turmoil, often reflecting the ups and downs of the global economy. Most recently, the coronavirus pandemic has caused particularly restraining changes in the aviation services industry due to travel restrictions, public health orders, and safety concerns that prevent many from being taken into the sky. ..

Unfortunately, even before COVID-19, Ohio was experiencing its own aviation challenge. Ohio lags behind other parts of the Midwest in terms of aviation services. Since 2005, airports servicing Ohio have lost service to 113 destinations, losing more airline capacity and seating per capita than all other neighboring states. I am. Through the pandemic, Ohio had transitioned from providing 11 West Coast routes to just four routes by March 2021.

Aviation services are an integral part of every country in the world, not just every state in the United States. In Ohio, aviation services not only create a lot of jobs, but are also an important part of the local economy, with airports donating more than $ 17 billion annually to the state. When attracting businesses and talents to a region, aviation services have a significant impact on the decision to relocate to the state. Companies say they need air services to expand, relocate, and even stay in Ohio.

The economic feasibility of a commercial airport depends on passenger service and air cargo. Ohio faces aviation service challenges, and it takes coordinated efforts to revive the industry here. Suddenly, Ohio became a little more equal competition as the pandemic affected the aviation industry across the country. There is a unique opportunity to turn this around by capturing the moment with a remediation program.

With the help of Ohio’s economic development company, Jobs Ohio, the state is making significant investments in the restoration of aviation services under the Jobs Ohio Air Service Restoration program. The goal of this program is simple. It’s about connecting more people to more parts of the country through aviation services and attracting businesses and talent in the process. And it is rewarding. The airline is looking to expand its capacity in Ohio, with up to 14 new routes added to the current project, with a potential economic impact of $ 268 million.

Ohio has experienced a decline in aviation services for nearly 20 years compared to other parts of the Midwest, but early signs are that investment in the JobsOhio Air Service Restoration program is moving towards revitalizing the industry. It shows that it is. Aviation services are essential to the state’s continued economic development. Without it, opportunities are limited, but thanks to the network of Jobs Ohio and its partners, the sky is the limit.

Importance of Restoring Aviation Services in Ohio

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