Instagram denies reports claiming the app is “toxic” to teenage girls

Instagram said on Tuesday that it will protect itself from reports that social networks are detrimental to the mental health of young girls and will play a post promoting a myth about a beautiful body. Karina Newton, Instagram’s head of public policy, opposed a report from The Wall Street Journal that Facebook’s research shows that photo-centric Instagram services hit teenagers, especially girls.

“Studies on the impact of social media on people’s well-being are mixed, and our own research reflects external research,” Newton said in a post. When they use it. She quoted a Harvard study that focused on the “seesaw” of positive and negative experiences that teens in the United States experience on social media.

The journal reports that Instagram has reduced the harm done to millions of young people connected daily. “As problems such as negative social comparisons and anxiety exist in the world, they will also exist on social media,” Newton said.

According to the journal, internal research has pointed out that teenagers have accused Instagram of increasing anxiety and depression. According to Newton, Instagram has been working to address the issues of bullying, suicide, self-harm and eating disorders published on the platform. According to Newton, Instagram is currently looking for ways to understand what posts are offensive to viewers and “nudge” people into the content to make them feel better. Body image “.

“We are cautious that these nudges will help us turn to inspiring and uplifting content and significantly change some of Instagram’s culture that focuses on what people look like. I’m optimistic about it. ā€¯Instagram is creating a social version of the network for children under the age of 13, a move opposed by child safety advocates.

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Instagram denies reports claiming the app is “toxic” to teenage girls

Source link Instagram denies reports claiming the app is “toxic” to teenage girls

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