Instagram makes itself safer for teens prior to the chief’s U.S. Senate hearing

Instagram said on Tuesday that it would be more strict about the types of content it recommends to teens in its photo-sharing app, and if it sticks to one topic for a long time, it will nudge for different areas. In a blog post, social media services announced a number of changes for teenage users. Instagram Prime Minister Adam Mosseri will testify at a parliamentary inquiry on Wednesday about protecting children online. Instagram and its parent company Meta Platform, formerly Facebook, Their services are being scrutinized as to how young users can cause mental health, body image and online safety issues.

In the post, Moseri also said Instagram I’ve turned off the ability to tag and mention teens who aren’t following in the app. He said from January, teenage Instagram users will be able to bulk delete their content and previous likes and comments. He said Instagram offers potentially harmful or confidentiality to teens through search features, hashtags, short video reels, “recommended account” features, and a carefully selected “search” page. He said he was exploring controls to limit high material.

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The blog also said on Tuesday that Instagram launched a “break” feature in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. This encourages people to pause the app after using it for a period of time. .. In March next year, Instagram announced that parents and guardians will release the first tool to see how much time teens spend on their apps and set time limits.

An Instagram spokeswoman said he would continue to suspend plans for an Instagram version for children. Instagram suspended project planning in September amid growing opposition to the project. The move says that an internal document leaked by former Facebook employee Frances Haugen could have a detrimental mental health impact on Instagram for teenage girls, such as body image views. Followed by a report from The Wall Street Journal that said he showed what he knew. Facebook says the leaked document was used to draw a false picture of the company’s work.

The state Attorney General and lawmakers have also expressed concern about apps for children.

Last month, the U.S. Attorney General’s bipartisan coalition said it had launched an investigation into Facebook to promote Instagram to children, despite potential harm.

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Instagram makes itself safer for teens prior to the chief’s U.S. Senate hearing

Source link Instagram makes itself safer for teens prior to the chief’s U.S. Senate hearing

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