Interstate Semi Trucks Crash: 5 Things To Know

Do you usually drive along the interstate and highways? If you are, you need to be extra careful when driving as these areas are always loaded with big cargo trucks, with some of them having ten wheels or more.

Every year thousands of car accidents in America often involve big trucks. Unfortunately, most of these collisions often leave victims with life-changing outcomes. Some of them lost their employment as a result of their incapacity to function due to their disabilities, and some of them died due to serious injuries.

According to experts, it is estimated that three of every ten truck drivers have experienced involved in truck accidents. As they drive further, the chances of getting into accidents get slimmer and more possible. Add to that the heavy cargo the truck carries, making it more difficult for the driver to maneuver swiftly in case of emergencies.

That’s why everyone must know the things you need consider during these unfortunate times. Also, long and challenging legal battles are inevitable in these situations. Hence, the need for an experienced truck accident lawyer to be present at your side as you fight.

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  1. Call Authorities For Help

If none of your company is in danger or needs immediate medical treatment, the first thing you need to do is call authorities for help. When you call for help, the dispatcher on the line may ask you what happened and other important details, including where the collision occurred. Also, you may ask for backup paramedics if some of you need medical care.

After the call, the dispatcher will immediately send police officers who will investigate the scene and paramedics to check on everyone, especially if there are injuries sustained. Then, the police officers will ask you questions about what happened and how did the accident occur? Every detail will be recorded in a police report, and it is important to get a copy of it.

Police reports may not be accepted as evidence in court, but they can help your legal team investigate what happened, especially if it needs to prove the at-fault party.

  1. Seek Medical Treatment As Soon As Possible

If you are injured, calling an ambulance should be your top priority. Even if you don’t feel hurt at the moment, seeking immediate medical care will determine if there are other internal injuries possible to result in life-threatening damages, such as internal bleeding.

Also, this could affect the result of your claims, especially if the court finds out that you fail to seek immediate care to treat your injuries. Because of this, the claims may be lower than what you should receive.

Furthermore, make sure to follow your doctor’s advice after receiving appropriate treatment. You need to make sure that your doctor is on your side because they are considered an expert witness, and anything they say can significantly affect the result of your claims. So, follow and obey them as much as possible.

  1. Gather Evidence

Using your smartphone, you may gather pieces of evidence by taking photos of the entire scene and make sure that you include everything, such as plate number, color and logo of the truck, a sketch of the scene, and car damages. In case your phone has been severely damaged by the collision, you mask other people that could be present at the scene to take pictures for you.

Also, you need to collect the truck driver’s information, such as the driver’s license, company, insurance policy number, full name, and contact details.

  1. Gather Witnesses

Look around the accident scene and check if there are people present at the time of the collision. If there are any, ask for their name and contact details. Additionally, ask them if they can help you as a witness to your case. These people are essential in winning your case. Why? Because the court sees them as unbiased and eyewitness evidence to your lawsuit. Like an expert witness, everything they say can significantly affect your case.

After you have collected their information, let your lawyer handle the rest. Give your legal teams the details you have collected, and they will contact the witness and try to convince them on your behalf to help you win your case.

  1. Ask Help From A Legal Expert

Addressing the case all by yourself may only fail. The legal system is complex, and the only people who help you win your case are legal experts. Why? Because they know how to interpret the law and will do anything to make sure you get the proper compensation for all the injuries and damages you have sustained.

There are also some things you can’t do that only your lawyer can, such as speak with your insurance company. As you know, insurance companies will not release a sum of money immediately unless you prove to them that they have to, or else you will never receive any compensation from them, even if you have the right to it.

Furthermore, your lawyer knows how the court will interpret any evidence and statement that may help you win your case. With that said, if you want to get your claims fairly and properly, it would be best to ask a lawyer for help.

Final Words

As mentioned above, truck collisions are proven to result in fatal injuries and other life-changing damages, including your properties. That’s why it is important, especially when crossing interstates and highways, to be extra careful and be mindful of all the blind spots of a truck.

However, accidents are sometimes inevitable and may happen even if you are mindful on the road. If such cases occur, make sure to call 911 to get the assistance you need, which includes the police officers who will investigate the scene and the ambulance to help you receive immediate medical care.

Furthermore, don’t forget to gather crucial evidence, such as witnesses’ statements, photos and video of the scene, and other details mentioned above. Above everything else, do not forget to hire a lawyer to help you, especially if you want to win your case.


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