Introduction to ICSA Certification

TICSA certification:

The organization that provides this certification was formerly the International Computer Security Association (ICSA), which is now TruSecure. TruSecure is a respected and well-known computer security organization. TruSecure company keeps the original letter of ICSA, so this certification is named TICSA security certification.

Like the Security+ exam, it’s a basic level of certification. TruSecure’s goal is to provide a set of certification for IT practitioners working in enterprise security. In fact, their examination is based on skills, which means that the examination questions will focus on the actual procedures rather than the things that can be answered by simply flipping through a book. Certification providers are trying to clean up the industry by allowing professionals working in the industry to obtain certification, At the same time, it is admitted that certification alone can not bring up professionals. TruSecure refers to the 14 categories of information that make up the TICSA test as “basic knowledge body content”. Check the website for the topic of the test.

Candidates for this test need to prove that they have at least two years of experience in network security, or at least 48 hours of recognized IT security training or courses. In addition, candidates need to sign and comply with a code of ethics statement, and you can fill out an online form that may ask you for the information provided.

If you are interested in TICSA certification, here are some important things about this test:

TICSA is a kind of network security knowledge and experience certification independent of suppliers. The content of this test is based on the computer hardware and software that adapts to various types of computer.

TICSA is recognized by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, briefly (ISC) 2, which provides high level CISSP certification(about the cissp average salary 2 use TISCA as the primary level test for candidates who are ready to participate in CISSP certification (detailed below for CISSP certification).

TICSA is a test consisting of about 70 multiple choice questions. Candidates have 90 minutes to complete the test.

Each TICSA certificate is valid for two years. Renewal at the same level requires the certificate holder to submit an application for renewal and appropriate fees, evidence of Continuing Education (recognized 48-hour education or meeting, or equivalent), and a statement of ethics previously agreed to must be restated.

TICSAexam fee: $295.

You may be hesitant about what kind of basic level certification you should choose. Just like any other certificate, you need to do some market analysis. Decide where you’re looking for a job, ask recruiters, and get in touch with other people in the industry. You should think about any basic exam that people care about. If you have already worked, consult your superior to see which kind of certification is good for your job. If everything else is the same, consider which certification is more suitable for your career.
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