Investigation investigates problems with Franklin’s Children’s Services

The agency, which is tasked with removing children from harm, admits that 10 children died as a result of gun violence.

Columbus, Ohio — Since 2015, 20 children have died while under the control of Franklin County Children’s Service.

The agency, which is tasked with removing children from harm, admits that 10 children died as a result of gun violence.

One child died from overdose, the other died in a car accident, and congenital or premature infant health problems were the cause of some cases. The cause of the deaths of several people remains unknown, officials said.

4-part survey series by 10 Survey These deaths turned out to be just some of the problems within the foster parent system.

Our report also revealed other tragic events and found families who were still questioning what level of protection the foster parent system actually provided.

Compared to the national average, Ohio puts more children in nursing homes with more strangers than relatives. The state is also lagging behind the national average in terms of family reunions. According to reports from Child Trends.

As part of our report, 10 investigators examined court records, police trained homes and Franklin County Children’s Service intake centers, gave Medicaid reimbursement to behavioral treatment centers, and died children. I talked to our family.

We also talked directly with advocates of FCCS and other child services, and with additional referrals from juvenile courts and children in need of behavioral or mental health treatment to 10 Investigates, their workload was reduced. He said it was getting harder and harder.

In a 30-minute interview with Laura La Roche, Intake Director of Franklin County Children’s Services, Chief Research Reporter Bennett Heberle asked her directly.

What role does the county play in the event that children die or take another life?

La Roche said: Our community is playing a role, isn’t it? Children are the product of our community. And we are all responsible for the health and well-being of every family in our community. “

But for people like Tony Howard, whose grandson died while under the control of Franklin County Children’s Service in 2020, she wonders what the agency did to protect him.

Her grandson, Dawaun Lewis-Taylor, He died in late September 2020. He was hit deadly on the north side of Columbus.

Toni and her husband, Litt, helped raise Dawaun after her mother died a few years ago on suspicion of overdose. After her death, Toni said he noticed a change in Dawaun’s behavior. Due to a domestic case at his home, he landed in the juvenile court.

Toni told 10 Investigates that he was initially unaware that FCCS managed him and placed him in Maryhaven. The facility no longer provides behavioral therapy for teenage patients.

After staying there for two weeks, Toni said Dawaun fled after being attacked by another teenager at the facility. A few months after his death, Mary Haven stopped the behavioral hospitalization program for young people.

“After he was killed, I contacted (FCCS). They came out soon and dropped his belongings when they couldn’t help with the funeral expenses, and then I said the case was closed. I received the letter, “Howard said. “The children’s service did not go out to find him. They came to our house and told us that they had time to look for the missing children. Dawaun called. If so, tell him to turn back, otherwise you can turn him back. “

The FCCS disagrees with this and tells 10 Investigates that they are looking for a missing child.

Almost a month after Dawaun’s death, in late October 2020, Toni Howard presented 10 Investigates with a letter from FCCS saying “Your proceedings are over.”

The letter says: “We no longer need this agency to provide protection services, but we recommend the following services. If you need anything in the future, please contact me. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience. I’m sorry. “

Toni told 10 Investigates: They didn’t protect him. ”

Dawaun was killed 6 months ago Makai Abrant. They are one of the recent dead associated with people under the control of the agency.

Last spring, on the same day that a jury ruled against Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, Makaia’s was shot deadly by a Columbus police officer. Death attracted the attention of the public.

Earlier this year, a Franklin County grand jury refused to prosecute Columbus police officer Nick Riadon – he believed there was no reason to believe the crime had taken place.

Body camera videos show that he is reacting to the scene to find a battle involving several people. The video shows Ma’Khia Bryant swinging a knife and appearing to be rushing near a woman when she is shot four times by a police officer.

Mother Paula Bryant admitted in a recent interview that Makia had been taken away from her mother’s home a few years ago after a complaint expressing concern about Makia and her siblings was filed with the FCCS.

However, Paula Bryant says he is committed to reuniting his family and asks questions about the agency’s decision.

“The system failed for my daughter, the system failed for the other kids, and the system needs some reforms,” ​​said Paula Bryant.

A review of 10 Investigates police records against Legion Lane’s Foster Home, where Ma’Khia was staying, revealed at least 29 police executions, more than half of which were reported missing. Others were for issues such as assault and combat.

Less than a month after her death, Makia’s sister called the police and said she was involved in a fight and didn’t want to go to the nursery anymore.

10 Surveys asked Laura LaRoche, FCCS Intake Director, about this.

When police leave their children to active foster parents, those without knowledge of social work will see it and say, “This doesn’t seem to be right.” So why does that happen?

LaRoche said: Why do police deal with foster parents? “

She went on to explain that if the child escaped, the care facility or facility would need to call the police.

“Young people take care of us and experience those actions. Is it reasonable to believe that these actions are stopped by the act of giving control to the agency? No,” La Roche said.

Howard said her family remained frustrated.

“That’s sad,” she said. “So who will be held accountable? Or will they label them as numbers or problematic children, or” well “? It’s the life you owned … what happens with that? “

When asked what FCCS would say to the families of those who died while caring for them, La Roche said, “We are sad with you …”.

10 No investigation has been reported on this. In the coming days, we’ll hear more from our conversations with Franklin County Children’s Services.

10TV News Tuesday 6pm, Let’s look at this issue from a different angle. What if the caregiver’s child is involved in the killing of someone else?

Then, later in the week, we’ll look at what the so-called “problem teenage industry” plays in this and the possible solutions from the people in charge.


Investigation investigates problems with Franklin’s Children’s Services

Source link Investigation investigates problems with Franklin’s Children’s Services

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