Is the sky really falling on the Cleveland Indians this time?Paul Hoines

Cleveland, Ohio-Indians and their fans often accuse me of being Chicken Little. Because of that, I arrived at Lake Erie once in October.

On Monday, the team announced that Cy Young Award-winning Shane Bieber was on the injured list with tense muscles in the rotator cuff on his right shoulder. He won’t throw baseball for two weeks. Maybe this time the sky is really falling.

Beaver’s injury left the Indians with one legitimate starter, Aaron Civale. He’s been in a promising season for two and a half months, but he’s not strictly a solid veteran. This is Civale’s second full season in the Big League.

Who is lined up behind Civale? Rookie right-handed JC Messiah played against the Orioles on Monday night. He made two starts in class AAA Columbus, but was stuck in his first inning on his final start with St. Louis. Cal Quantrill will begin on Tuesday. He was in his second full season in the Big League and continued his 1/3 innings on his final start, which happened to be against the Orioles.

At least Quantrill exists. This marks the start of his 23rd Major League Baseball, but he has had most success from the bullpen since the Indians bought him from San Diego last year. He has also not pitched more than 32/3 innings in his appearance this season.

Civale (9-2, 3.17 ERA) started on Wednesday and the Indians have not nominated a starter on Thursday. The main reason is that they are still trying to figure out who it is.

When they finally needed a pitching savior, they called Ryan Merritt in the 2016 ALCS Game 5 Clincher against Toronto. Does anyone have a merit number?

Indians are getting younger this year and are being kicked in the back because of it. Baseball president Chris Antonetti told reporters on Sunday that the organization suffered huge financial losses during the 60-game sprint from last year’s coronavirus and will take years to recover. It was.

Starting in 2019, the deals of the well-established starters Carlos Carrasco, Mike Clevinger, Corey Kluber and Trevor Bauer are partially described. This year, he entered the field with a $ 50 million bargain-based price tag.

The roster is talented, but has proven to be thin and vulnerable to injury. So far, they have lost right-handed Zach Plesac, Gold Glove catcher Roberto Perez, power-hit DH Franmil Reyes, left-handed killer Jordan Luplow, and now Beaver. The only substitute who has come close to replicating the performance of one of the injured players is catcher Austin Hedges.

The young starter pipeline slowed down earlier than planned. Beavers, Pressacs and Civales were produced in the 2016 draft class. It was unrealistic to think that an organization could continue to crank out starters at that pace. Lefty Logan Allen made the first day of rotation and is recovering from Columbus’ elbow pain. Eli Morgan arrived and made a start in a tornado-like situation before being sent back to Columbus. Triston McKenzie was optionally elected to Columbus on Sunday after only two-thirds of Saturday’s innings followed. It’s probably good that the Indians can’t remember him for at least 10 days, as it’s clear that he’s a minor and needs time to reset. Left-handed Scott Moss is still working on neck and back issues.

Morgan was supposed to leave for Columbus on Sunday, but he was pulled away from that start. Perhaps he will have the chance to pitch in Progressive Field on Thursday without the 45mph wind and rain that greeted him on May 28th at his Big League debut.

Indians can bring starters through trade and exemption wires. A few days ago it wasn’t at the top of the priority list. Beaver injuries may have changed that, or they will try to do their best until Pressac returns in the next few weeks.

They can also go with the opener. Phil Maton has already made such a start this season. Almost all pitchers in the organization except Civale have the option of participating in the rotation.

Currently, Indians have three games as part of their schedule of playing 30 games in 31 days. Are they going to do it with one established starter? Coach Terry Francona has 14 pitching staff for most of the season, but he can’t play bullpen games every day.

The Indians entered the game on Monday night in second place at AL Central 34-28. They chased Chicago in 1st place in the 51/2 game. The White Sox continues to win despite serious injuries to fielders Eloy Jimenez, Luis Robert and Nick Madrigal. But their first rotation remains intact.

Now it is the Indians who have the opportunity to see if they can do the same.

In this situation, it is difficult to bet on Indians and Francona. They have understood things over and over again over the years. However, there are 100 games left in the season and it will take a long time to avoid the sky falling to Earth.

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Is the sky really falling on the Cleveland Indians this time?Paul Hoines

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