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James Corden leaves CBS “The Late Show” next year

James Corden, King of “Carpool Karaoke”, will leave a late-night perch on CBS after eight years of operation.

Los Angeles – James Corden Bow from him Next year’s midnight CBS TV show.. Corden talked about his decision during the taping of Thursday’s “Late Late Show,” which began hosting in 2015.

In a statement, CBS President and CEO George Cheeks said, “A giant creative and comedic swing, including a” Carpool Karaoke “video of Corden and pop stars such as Adele and Paul McCartney singing on the streets. I praised Corden for doing.

Corden’s contract was due to expire in August of this year, but London-born actors and writers have extended the contract for another season. He will depart at 12:30 pm for the Eastern Show in the spring of 2023.

“I wish he could stay longer, but I’m very proud that he made CBS his hometown in the United States and that this partnership will be extended for another season at The Late Show.” Said Cheeks.

There were no further comments on the network, including those who could replace Corden.

He was considered an unlikely pick when he was nominated to host the “Late Late Show”. He starred in British sitcom’s “Gavin & Stacy” and won a Tony Award for Broadway performance in 2012 for “One Man Two.” Guvnors, but it wasn’t very well known to American viewers.

Other comedy segments such as “Carpool Karoake” and “Crosswalk the Musical” were popular online and built reach beyond the coverage of Corden and the show.

He foresaw his decision, including a December 2020 “Smartless” podcast episode. “I had the overwhelming feeling that my family had been walking to the beats of my drums for a very long time,” Corden said.

“It’s always going to be a bigger family decision than a professional decision,” Corden said, not keeping in mind the end date of the show. It’s about the people we miss so much that we are homesick. “

New York AP writer Alicia Rancilio contributed to this report.

James Corden leaves CBS “The Late Show” next year

Source link James Corden leaves CBS “The Late Show” next year

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