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January 6 Parliament riot panel plans Steve Bannon’s insult vote

When the Commission votes for insulting measures, it goes to the House of Representatives for the vote, then to the Justice Department, where it decides whether to prosecute.

Washington — House Committee tasked with investigating January 6 Parliamentary Rebellion As the former president is pushing back the investigation in a new proceeding, he is moving swiftly to look down on at least one of Donald Trump’s allies on Tuesday.

Trump is actively trying to thwart the Commission’s work by instructing former White House aide Steve Bannon not to answer the questions under investigation. Sue the panel To prevent Congress from obtaining previous White House documents. But members of the House of Representatives have injured dozens of police officers, ran them for their lives, and the facts about an attack involving Trump’s supporters who hampered President Joe Biden’s proof of victory. I will collect testimony, so I will not retreat.

“The clear purpose of the former president is to prevent the special committee from reaching the facts around January 6, and his proceedings are merely an attempt to delay and thwart our investigation.” , D-Miss President Bennie Thompson and Republican lawmakers said. .. Liz Cheney, Wyoming, Vice-Chair of the Panel, Joint Statement Late Monday.

They added, “It’s harder to imagine a more compelling public interest than trying to get an answer to our attacks on democracy and attempts to overturn the outcome of elections.”

According to documents filed in the district’s federal court, Trump’s proceedings filed after Biden decided to waive the right to block publication of documents because of concerns about executive privilege were requested by the Panel in August. Of Colombia, which claims to be too wide and a “troublesome and illegal fishing expedition.”

The proceedings were expected as Trump repeatedly revealed that he would challenge the investigation of violent attacks by his supporter mobs. However, Trump’s challenge surpassed the first 125-page record that Biden recently cleared for release to the Commission. The proceedings appointing the Commission and the National Archives aim to nullify the entire request of Parliament, calling it an overly widespread, overly burdensome and challenge to the separation of powers. It demands a court injunction prohibiting archivists from creating documents.

The violent siege of the Capitol more than nine months ago, when the Biden administration was organizing documents for release, was an extraordinary situation that usually deserved the privilege of protecting White House communications. Said that.

The legal objection was filed the day before a vote was scheduled to detain Banon for contempt of Congress for rebelling against the Commission’s request for documents and testimony. In a resolution announced Monday and scheduled to be voted by the panel on Tuesday, the Commission said that even if Trump’s lawyer insisted that Banon should not disclose information, former Trump aide and podcast host I claim that I do not have a legal position to reject the committee because it is protected by the privileges of the former Cheong Wa Dae.

According to the Commission, Banon was a civilian when he spoke to Trump prior to the attack, and Trump did not claim such executive privilege to the panel itself.

“Mr. Banon appears to have played a multifaceted role in the January 6 case, and Americans have the right to hear his direct testimony of his actions,” the Commission wrote in a resolution.

The resolution lists the many ways Banon was involved in leading up to the riots. This includes reports that Congress recommended focusing on Trump on January 6, when it approved the presidential vote, and his comment on January 5. The next day, it will be unleashed. “

When the Commission votes for Banon’s contempt, it goes to Full House for a vote, then to the Justice Department, where it decides whether to prosecute.

In a letter received by the Associated Press, the White House also worked to undermine Banon’s claims. Deputy adviser Jonathan Sue said the president’s decision on the document also applied to Banon, “at this time we are not aware of why the client refused to appear for deposit.”

“President Biden’s decision that claims of privilege are not justified on these subjects applies to your client’s testimony testimony and any document your client may own on either subject.” Sue wrote to a Banon lawyer.

A Banon lawyer said he hadn’t seen the letter yet and couldn’t comment. Banon said a court order was required before complying with the subpoena, but former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and former White House and Pentagon aide Kashap Patel negotiated with the Commission. There is. It is unclear if the fourth former White House aide, Dan Scavino, will follow.

The Commission also summoned more than a dozen people who helped plan Trump’s rally prior to the siege, and some of them said they would already submit documents and testify. I did.

The Commission has a wide range of government documents related to information gathered before the attack, security preparations during and before the siege, Trump support rallies held that day, and false claims that Trump won the election. Requested.

Associated Press writers Zeke Miller, Nomaan Merchant, and Eric Tucker contributed to this report.

January 6 Parliament riot panel plans Steve Bannon’s insult vote

Source link January 6 Parliament riot panel plans Steve Bannon’s insult vote

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