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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Walker Season 1, Episode 13, “Defend the Ranch.” If you haven’t seen it yet, go have a drink at The Side Step and catch up!]

It was Cordell Walker (Jared Padalecki) Born under bad signs or something? Death seems to follow this man wherever his boots lead him. First, it was the murder of his beloved wife Emily (Genevieve Padalecki), And tonight, Code lost his best buds — and the worst effects — Hoyt Rawlins (Matt bahr) A criminal ring that was previously defeated by Walker’s secret alter ego “Duke” while running in with the Rodeo Kings.

Whit, the lifelong existence of the Walker family, is Walker’s patriarch Abbey (Molly Hagan), And still high school lover Geri (Odette Annable). His loss certainly leaves a mark, especially as Walker and Jeri began to heat things up, especially while Whit was clinking.

This time was supposed to be the season finale (read more for more), which means there’s still a lot left after this death. So we went straight to the show star and gained insight into the following: I just checked in to Jared Padalecki. Because he is the best.


Jared Padalecki: How are you?

I’m doing great things. But you have to be tired, man.

I was tired a month ago. This is like delicious. This is just a few steps after getting tired. [Laughs]

You’ll end the season in a few weeks, right?

Yup. Whatever Friday, for now, I’ll wrap on the 18th. And I was supposed to take a break today, but yesterday there was this heavy thunderstorm in Austin and I had to push some scenes to this day. It’s every day. [Laughs]

That’s right every day. This is why your name is above the title.

I’ll go there, yeah. I know that. I know that.

So let’s talk … this season was so great, and you have to love the challenge you are given.

Oh, important time.After many years Supernatural I certainly didn’t want to sign up for Cakewalk because I’m doing a really difficult job in a country where my family doesn’t live. I wanted to sign up for my favorite story. You know I wanted to retire after Supernatural. And when we came up with an idea like this, we started talking about it and thought, “God, I want to help you talk about it.” And now I am very excited because I have the ability and privilege to help the story. It’s a daunting task and it’s one of the ways I do my best.

Rebecca Brennemann / The CW

And it allows you to play it with some beats even after 15 years Supernatural, You probably couldn’t even play to your father of protection. And Jensen Ackles You were your buddy, your partner, and your brother, where you got Mickey (Linsey Morgan), and it’s a completely different dynamic. It’s a different relationship.

definitely. It’s fun. I played my brother in 327 episodes for 15 and a half years, so playing my brother and my father was a really great experience and quest.I a.m. Real-life big brother. I am also a younger brother, but I have a younger sister. I am a father now. And obviously Supernatural I started, I didn’t. And when I didn’t have a camera, that was the main theme of my life … I’m a father and a spouse.

How rich is this experience as you can go home to your family?

It’s pretty crazy. That’s what I wanted.So we gladly said goodbye Supernatural Jensen and I wanted to see my wife and children. So it’s great to go home to a family that loves you and is happy to meet you. It was a long day, exhausted to be able to go home. My back hurts and my brain hurts. I’ll have a big day at work tomorrow … But after a long day of hard work, the kids rushed home and said, “Hey, dad. Let’s go play!” [Laughs]

And it also helps Walker to see what he is doing I know He was missing. Because life imitated art for a while: I worked in Vancouver, and Walker worked in secret.Then you go home and say, “Man, I should have been here all the time. I can do my best work, I can tell stories, I can have characters. And See my family. “

Gen is already on the show, so I’m waiting for the kids to play in the background.

[Laughs] now It That’s great! Hopefully you can do that, such as when the COVID protocol etc. is removed.

Maybe you can play like a young chord and Liam (Keegan Allen).

I love it. I love it.

Walker + Jared Padalecki + Matt Bahr

Rebecca Brennemann / The CW

Well, in this episode you’re back in, Whit is a very nice character and Matt is so good that I’m very confused. The show needs someone like this, the relationship that exists between Code and Whit. And you went and killed him!

Oh, believe me, we all yelled at Anna [Fricke, showrunner].. Everyone was like, “What are you doing ?!” And she said, “I’m crying too.”

These people are fully experienced. I just got over Emily.

[Laughs] It’s one of them. It was very similar to when Bobby Singer, played by Jim Beaver, died. Supernatural.. What was that? What are we doing? But in the end, you need to remind yourself. Well, we are telling a story. This is a really good TV.

It’s true. It causes a new drama. Using Cord-Geri’s adds a layer of sadness …

And guilt.

And you got Aberin (Molly Hagan). She will be devastated.

of course. We are all devastated. And even Bonham (Mitch Pileggi) realized that Whit loved his family with his harsh love and grit. He was a little capricious, but he would have done anything for Walker. And in the end he makes the ultimate sacrifice for them. So, for me, it’s like, “Damn, no, don’t do that.” But my producer is like “Damit, it’s a good TV”.

It was great to set up everything as the rodeo kings were about to arrive at the ranch and press the pause button in the flashback episode to Emily’s death. Of course, we all wondered if Liam had been bleeding for the past five weeks.

[Laughs] Yeah, that was a great way to inform the audience, hey, that’s what’s happening in real time. Next, I’ll take a moment to explain exactly how I got here. And it’s sorrowful everywhere.

And this was supposed to be your season finale, right?

not anymore. [Laughs] We were originally featured in episode 13. And when they received the Season 2 pickups, they added five episodes. Therefore, this episode remained the same. This was originally the finale of our season and is the biggest and worst episode ever. It’s huge. It was like a three-part finale that culminated in episode 13. And when I added these five episodes, nothing was deducted from this episode. We kept it all.

And how does this spin you out? Usually we get to the finale, then they need to pick up and write what happens throughout the summer. But there are five more episodes.

Now, in this episode, it turns out that deception and criminal activity are not limited to King Rodeo. It turns out that something else is rotten in Denmark. It puts Walker in another situation and he is forced to mourn the loss again, but at the same time has a really important task to do.

It’s so cool that it’s not the show that many people expected. It’s funny, emotional, layered and really beautiful. It’s not just action for action. I’m also crazy about Duke’s Texas Rangers baseball cap.

Isn’t that great? That’s great. They found one from an old school and matured it. It’s a cool cap. I’m definitely going to steal it.

Walker + Jared Padalecki

Rebecca Brenen / The CW

It’s also a great piece for the show, as it also has a kind of ties throughout that old school Walker History and design are great.

Yup. I love it. I also have to steal you.

So what are your plans for the summer?

Well, I will shoot until the 18th. So maybe for a week or two, I’ll hit the pressure release valve, pretend to be a pandemic again, don’t answer the phone, and won’t go anywhere. I’m just with my family.It’s great to meet my family every day, but I’m elsewhere [when shooting].. So I think I’ll just play with the kids for the first week or two. Our daughter is still preschool and the boy is in school so we spend time together. And my birthday is next month.

Yes Yes! It’s very strange that Comic-Con, which was always on your birthday weekend, doesn’t happen live.

that is Is Very strange, I know, right? It’s very strange not to shoot or Comic-Con. But we do something fun. It’s my last birthday before Big Four Zero, so I’ll do a road trip or something.

Happy Birthday. I will talk about it later.

I can’t wait, a man. I have a great one.

Walker, Thursday, 8 / 7c, CW

Jared Padalecki about the latest “Walker” tragedy: “It’s a pain around everything” | Entertainment

Source link Jared Padalecki about the latest “Walker” tragedy: “It’s a pain around everything” | Entertainment

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