Johnny Clarke Sastraub was killed in a double murder in Ohio in 2011

On his day Murder on January 30, 2011, Johnny Clarke’s phone was blown up. He was called 51 times.

It wasn’t a rare day. The 21-year-old man had a lot of friends, and according to the phone logs, it was a fairly normal call volume.

At 8 pm, my mother, Matty, called him for check-in. She called him many times a day. It was a hallmark of the overwhelming matriarchy born of her Cuban heritage.

He jokingly made fun of her, “Yes, mom, I’m still alive.”

The day before, Mother Nature snowed five inches in the Toledo area. But by Sunday afternoon, the road was clear and Johnny headed to his friend’s house to see the Pro Bowl.

At 10 pm, he picked up his girlfriend Lisa Straub from work at TGI Friday’s. After that, they returned to her parents’ house in the Netherlands. Mary Beth and Jeff Straub set out on a cruise to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

The phone log shows that Johnny called his friend at 10:41. The unnamed friend to protect his identity later told Johnny’s family that Johnny was waiting for Anthony Watson.

Also at 10:41, Clark clicked to talk to Tiffany Williams. Johnny and Lisa set out to pick up Tiffany and her friend Zack Barckett, and planned to return home and play in the pool.

Tiffany Williams later told Detective Jeff Kozak about the conversation.

“So you call him and he answers after ringing once or twice, and you ask,” Bro, what are you doing? ” Or “BRO, what are you doing?” Kozak asked her.

Williams confirmed that it was the latter-Johnny reacted angry to someone he saw. She said Johnny seemed to know the person and heard another man’s voice in the background. Johnny then told Tiffany that he would bring her back.

If Clark’s phone is called 22 times after 10:41 pm, there is no response.

“When he didn’t answer, that was the way I knew something was wrong,” said Mattie Basquez Clark.

Something was very wrong. At some point in the evening or early morning, the lives of two young men were sniffed by a double murder that shocked the normally quiet southern neighborhood of Lucas County.

Chapter 1
Murder in Longacre Lane

When Johnny and Lisa couldn’t answer many phone calls and texts, Williams persuaded Barckett to drive to the home of Longa Clerene, a wealthy Dutch neighborhood.

“I opened the door and started knocking,” Williams told the detective. “And when I looked at the side window, I couldn’t see anything. All I could see was the door open at the top of the stairs.”

The pair left and Williams called Johnny’s best friend’s girlfriend and tried to get his phone number to see if he would try to contact Johnny. She told the detective that she believed Johnny and Lisa were ignoring them.

Instead, the girlfriend called Vazquez Clarke and told her about a vigilant call. Williams then picked up Johnny’s father, John, and agreed to take him home.

At 1:21 am, Matey called 911 to report the call and request a welfare check. Congressmen searched outside the house, but found no way in the snow. The TV was on, but there were no obvious forced entry or other warning signals.

Increasingly worried, Matie called 911 again at 2:27 and drove home with her family to meet John, Tiffany, and Zack. Congressmen respond again, this time looking out of the house and spending more than 20 minutes. Feeling they have no reason to force in, they leave.

But John told 11 Investigates that a cop took him aside and said, “As a cop, I can’t tell you to enter the house, but as a parent, I let us leave. I’ll wait before I enter. “

John, Matey, and his family drove to a nearby gas station, but then returned home. John and his family went to the back of the house while Matie was waiting on the truck. They could see through the blinds and saw the phone and Johnny on the ground.

Clark ran in front of the house and kicked the front door.

“I might have had my own justice because I wanted to get in there and not only save them, but catch everything there,” Clark told 11 Investigates.

Instead, he saw Lisa lying on the ground with a bag taped around her face. He saw Johnny nearby holding his bag in his head. He stripped off both bags. He was preparing to do CPR, but when he lifted Johnny, it turned out to be meaningless.

In a later court testimony, Clark said, “Then I went out and lost my heart.”

Chapter 2
Crime scene

One thing that was clear to the investigators was that they were looking for something very specific, no matter who the attackers were.

BCI’s photos, reviewed by 11 investigators, show that materials are being pulled from cabinets and drawers and their contents are dumped on the floor. Lisa’s wallet is empty. The master bedroom mattress was pushed out of the box spring. I pulled out my walk-in closet clothes and threw them on the floor. The dresser in the closet was turned over and the panel leading to the attic space was opened.

However, several jewels were left behind, along with Iraqi currency envelopes.

In a subsequent interview with the detective, several said Johnny was talking about a $ 100,000 vault at home. According to Straubs testimony, the house had no money other than the $ 40 left by the couple to order pizza.

Lisa’s bedroom door was damaged as if the attacker hid herself in the room before opening the door.

Despite the recent snow, there were no footprints around the house. It is almost certain that an attacker broke through the garage door leading to the kitchen. There was damage inside the service door from the garage. Johnny may have seen the murderer as he and Lisa set out to pick up Tiffany and Zack and returned home trying to push his weight against the door.

He was a strong man weighing 200 pounds, so it would have taken multiple efforts to force the door open.

Lisa’s body was found facing east. Her hands were duct taped behind her back. Johnny’s head was facing west. His feet were duct taped behind his back, and his feet were also tied with black tape. Both Johnny and Lisa had bags on their heads, which were duct taped around their necks.

Inspectors later testified that tapes or bags could have killed them within minutes.

Both upper bodies were on the body, and the lower body was dragged across the floor and slightly pulled down as if it were being performed in the kitchen. I found an empty wallet on Johnny’s belly.

The bag stored in the garage was torn. One of the torn bags was found in the bedroom upstairs. Jeff Straub later testified that he did not have duct tape. That is, the murderer took it home.

Except for the kitchen area and the bedroom on the second floor, the house was barely disturbed. Two interviews with the lawyers involved in the case gave almost the same answers.

“It’s worth noting how beautiful the scene was,” said lawyer John Tabes. “Usually you have blood, fingerprints.”

Also unusual was the method of killing. Detectives are accustomed to seeing shootings, puncture wounds, and perhaps manual strangulation. Some people told 11 investigations that they have no memory of similar killings in northwestern Ohio.

“It’s unique to MO, but there wasn’t such a case,” said Captain Matt Rutke.

Luettke said the murder shook the community.

“I remember being a field operations sergeant and responsible for blockwatches. Usually, 10 or 20 people attend a blockwatch meeting, with 80 or 90 people attending. I’m standing outside, “he said.

Nothing was obvious to the on-site investigators, but subsequent analysis of the crime scene revealed some clues. Several sets of unknown DNA were found in duct tape around the neck and Johnny’s ankles, and in Johnny’s sweat pockets.

But even more important clues have been found. A cigarette was found near the door leading from the garage. The lieutenant who found it said it was strange that there was no ash or smoke smell in the house. However, the cigarette had two sets of DNA that hit an existing sample of CODIS.

Police had the first suspect, but also a full list of questions and many other suspects.

More will come in installments on the second day.

Johnny Clarke Sastraub was killed in a double murder in Ohio in 2011

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