Jordan Fuller thanks for the opportunity of the team captain

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Thousand Oaks, CA-Cornerback Jalen Ramsey left the podium Thursday afternoon when he crossed the road with safe Jordan Fuller.

“You’re growing, a dog!” Ramsey told Fuller when he got there.

Indeed, Fuller has matured rapidly. Entering his second NFL season, he was named one of eight team captains by Rams’ teammates in the 2021 season.

“It makes a lot of sense,” Fuller said. “Apart from being elected captain of Ohio State University, this is probably one of my greatest achievements to date. Well, it’s huge. I love my teammates, I love this team, this organization. I dedicate everything every day. I am grateful for the respect of my teammates. I know that’s not all, but I’m definitely grateful. “

Given his background, it’s probably not surprising that Fuller was promoted to such a great responsibility.

The previous 6th round pick appeared as a rookie year starter and was also the two captains of The Ohio State University (2018 and 2019), JT Barrett, Parris Campbell, Terry McLaurin, and what he saw. There were so many different teammates. I learned from it as an example of leadership.

The Rams said Fuller was working closely, with defensive lineman Aaron Donald, former safety John Johnson III, and multiple attacking players from his time at the Rams. I’m in a person.

Still, Rams defensive coordinator and 19-year NFL coach veteran Raheem Morris has played such a role with players like Fuller (a candidate to be the Rams field defensive signaler this season). You are responsible for this early in your career.

“But you’re talking about a special person,” Morris said after Wednesday’s practice. “You’re talking about the guy who stepped in. He’s actually forgotten the drafted round, perhaps the sixth round. He comes in as a pick for the sixth round, then comes in and becomes a starter. You can now overcome adversity, overcome injuries, and bounce off. Now come back and attack another offseason. Defend your new coach and attack the offseason. Help someone and teach someone how to communicate, then you have the opportunity to meet the man, deepen ties with them during the training camp, and see him grow with his team. I voted him for the captain. It’s very special and very rare. About a young man. “

Morris later added: “I was around the lucky people who participated and contributed. I don’t know if I was around someone who could participate, contribute and demonstrate leadership, like Fuller. Give his companion a certain responsibility. “

For some young players, it can be difficult to find their voice and establish themselves that way. But that wasn’t a problem for Fuller-not only did he show the confidence he needed to wear the green dot, but also how he interacted with his fellow Rams defensive back.

“Honestly, I’ve seen his growth since he stepped into the field here. It’s special to see,” Ramsey said after Thursday’s practice. “He plays a variety of roles and leadership roles very well. He is not only the captain of the team, but also our man in the DB room. In his own way, he tells me, I will try to be better and a better leader. “

Mr Fuller said being in this position was “blessed.”

“I’m very grateful. That’s all I can really say,” Fuller said. “I am very fortunate.”

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Jordan Fuller thanks for the opportunity of the team captain

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