Joseph Allen Bertram releases his fifth full-length album at the Beach Land Show on Wednesday night

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  • Only your guy is out this week

Joseph Allen Bertram, who may remember as the frontman of Good Morning Valentine, will debut his fifth full-length album. Only your guy will have a release show at the Beach Land Ballroom this Wednesday night.

The cover image shows Bertram spreading to the floor of Beachland, where he once operated the door, after the semi-annual birthday show.

Originally from Kent, 42, he’s primarily self-produced for his brand Americana and Rock, with a deep and beautiful arrangement of warmth, tenderness and colour. These songs are written here, complete with a solar-powered recording studio and road with partner Irene, while Bertram is one of the bike tours or rides a modified van across the country. I explored life in.

The road life that Bertram calls the “New American Mosaic” is reflected in his work.

“The New American Mosaic sounds exactly like that,” says Bertram. “America has changed a lot in the last few years, especially since COVID. Gig culture, people returning outdoors, more travel, a desire for a more connected” real life “. I made a big trip all over the country for the first time when I was 19 years old. We have been there for 4 months. Since then, I’ve been crazy about it. When it comes to “permanent exercise,” I always had my toes on this. Two and a half years ago, I cut out all the “junky furniture”, dumped it in the trash, and hit the road. It will be like that for the time being. I am a more comfortable and healthy person on the move. When it comes to recording and writing, it works for me. Some people need a tuned room and a nice mic. They work. I love many records recorded that way, but my clothes are a bit more shabby tags. If you listen really close, you might hear a desert rat squeak in the background of one of my recordings. I’m a little curious about this idea of ​​capturing the world around me as I move around the world, albeit subtly. ”

Bertram incorporates everything from Bruce Springsteen to Creedence Clearwater Revival to Otis Redding into his music.

Your Man Alone is 10 songs, first recorded in his shanti, naked stud unfinished apartment in Waterloo.

“Your Man Alone started essentially as a live record. I’ve been playing with Johnny Kokotsuka for a few years and recently reunited with J-Gren. I got together over the weekend and played 10 songs about 5 times. When it came time to decide if the version was working, it became clear that we weren’t as familiar with the song as we thought. Some key changes and some songs were other songs. Was replaced by. ”

The title track “Your Man Alone” is an old jukebox in a dusty bar on the Mexican-Texas border, reminiscent of one of the songs that an old couple could play as they slowly cross the bar lights with a waltz. Let me do it.

“The title track comes from the feeling that the relationship is romantically separated from someone who has come to a conclusion, but the deeper ties of that relationship haven’t diminished,” says Bertram. “It’s a special kind of broken heart of its own that we don’t think we’re talking too much or well. Many of the records are based on that concept. Anyway, a concept in many of my writings. Gray area , The place in between. ”

Bertram released a video of the CCR-inspired swamp song “Singer Sings” last fall.

His previous albums include Easter Park, Steady Your Hands, Hey Washington and N. It includes CaliTurnaround and probably has more songs than can be recorded on a can.

“The record that comes after Your Man Alone is a shared project where my friend Greg Julius records a modular synth instrumental and connects groups of quite different songs,” says Beltram. One consecutive song. Anyway, that’s the plan. ”

Your Man Alone will be available on many streaming platforms, including Spotify, in the coming days, but is now available for purchase on his Bandcamp page and streamed for free.

Joseph Allen Bertram releases his fifth full-length album at the Beach Land Show on Wednesday night

Source link Joseph Allen Bertram releases his fifth full-length album at the Beach Land Show on Wednesday night

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