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Jupiter explosion captured in video by an amateur astronomy

Amateur astronomers on two continents independently observed and recorded a white flash of light in the atmosphere on Jupiter’s Monday.

Scientists and astronomers are working to see what a few stargazers on the two continents saw on Monday: a bright flash of Jupiter’s atmosphere probably affects the largest planet in our solar system. It was a space lock to give.

According to the report, at least five people in Brazil, Germany, France and Italy saw and recorded the white flashes on their own. Amateur Planet Observer Mark Del Croix.

NS Event video Uploaded by Jose Luis Pereira of Brazil, it has been viewed 1.2 million times since Tuesday. According to Sky & Telescope, The impact occurred on Monday at 6:39 pm EST.Pereira decides to reaffirm what he saw DeTeCt software -Created by Delcroy-It was often used by observers to check for planetary effects and more.

The European Space Agency has tweeted an image from Pereira in its operational account.

Ernest Guido of Italy tweeted an image he said was taken by amateur astronomers in Germany and France.

Paul Burn, Associate Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of Washington, Reportedly told Inverse The size of the object can be hundreds of meters.

“We know it can’t be too big — an image of Jupiter because the impact doesn’t reveal the scars of the impact,” Burn said.

The impact mark was famously left in July 1994 when Comet Shoemaker-Levy-9 collided with a planet and left a dark feature on Jupiter, which is larger than Earth.

If Monday’s event is confirmed to be a strike, it will be the eighth recorded event from Earth since Shoemaker-Levy-9.

Information and observations continue to be edited, and Delcroy asks the person who saw the flash individually. Contact him..

Jupiter explosion captured in video by an amateur astronomy

Source link Jupiter explosion captured in video by an amateur astronomy

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