Kakonbinikurabu: Finding a suitable home for an isolated light bulb

Dear Car Talk: Like many others, I’m sure I’ve accumulated unused car bulbs for cars I don’t own anymore (when I need only one bulb) As a result of being forced to buy 2 packs). Is there a place where I can donate for someone to use? I don’t want to throw a perfectly good bulb into a landfill. -Gym

Oh yeah, the light bulb orphanage, Jim. We all have one. You may take lessons from our respected producer, Doug Berman. Last year he ordered something from Amazon. I think he was a hemorrhoid cream or some oversized tube.

The next day, a box appeared at his door. He opens it, and in the box is a set of brake shoes for the 1987 Buick LeSabre, not what he ordered. He doesn’t have a 1987 Buick LeSabre. However, he has an itch and a burning sensation.

So he calls Amazon and says: Would you please send me what I actually ordered as soon as possible? We will return these brake shoes. “

Amazon says. “Don’t send them back. It costs more than it’s worth to send them back. Do whatever you want with them.”

Well, like you, Duggy doesn’t want to throw them away, so he takes them down the street to a repair shop. He then explains to the woman on the desk what happened and asks if she wants to replace the brake shoes with Ready H.

No, he offers them to her and says maybe you have customers who are experiencing some difficult times, and you can help them. She is willing to accept donations. And — as far as we know, there are now four fewer brake shoes in the landfill.

So try your own mechanic, Jim. Or try a store near you. Donate them in a box and have the store add them to your light bulb inventory. And some lucky customers are thrilled to have old and rare light bulbs in stock when they need them, while others throw them away in landfills.

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Kakonbinikurabu: Finding a suitable home for an isolated light bulb

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