Kathy Griffin reveals diagnosis of lung cancer

The comedian released the news on Instagram, stating that she hopes to recover and seems hopeful.

Comedian Kathy Griffin announced on Monday that she had been diagnosed with early-stage lung cancer and wrote on Instagram that “doctors are very optimistic.”

Griffin is back In 2017, I shaved my head in solidarity with my sister Joyce Those who have been treated with chemotherapy during her own cancer fight are expected to recover completely.

In a post on Monday, Griffin reassured fans that “I hope there will be no chemotherapy or radiation therapy after this. Breathing should work properly.”

Griffin also vaccinated against COVID-19 at the time he wrote, “Of course, I have been fully vaccinated with Covid. The consequences of not being vaccinated would have been even more serious.” I urged the public to remember the importance of.

Griffin also urged everyone to undergo regular health examinations stating, “It will save your life.”

Griffin’s sister Joyce, who was fighting cancer when she announced in 2017 that she would shave her head to support her fight, died that September. Griffin also lost his brother Gary in the fight against cancer in 2014. Reported by CNN..

Griffin wrote on Monday, “It’s been four years since I tried to get back to work and made everyone laugh and entertain, but I’m okay.”

Comedians faced a backlash in 2017 and even reported threats of murder after a controversial photo showing that they held a bloody portrait of President Donald Trump’s head at the time was released.

Griffin Apologies for controversy She lost her job in a photo taken by provocative photographer Tyler Shields. She was working for Network CNN at the time. Called a photo “Unpleasant, unpleasant” in the statement.

Griffin talks about her version of the event in a documentary called “Kathy Griffin: The Hell of the Story.” Now available on streaming platforms..

Kathy Griffin reveals diagnosis of lung cancer

Source link Kathy Griffin reveals diagnosis of lung cancer

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