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Kellogg hits in a lawsuit over Pop-Tarts’ strawberry shortage

In class action proceedings, plaintiffs in various states have stated that the company lacks sufficient transparency about the lack of fruit actually used.

Washington — Kellogg, a popular cereal and pastry brand, faces millions of dollars in class action in the United States and lacks the actual fruits used in strawberry “pop-tarts” foods. The company claims that it is not approaching.

The proceedings filed in August According to multiple reportsClaims that Kellogg’s ad was created to “give consumers the impression that fruit stuffing contains more relative and absolute amounts of strawberries.”

The plaintiffs in the case allegedly purchased a strawberry-flavored product because they “expected to contain more of the named fruit component.” According to the proceedingsInstead, the plaintiff wanted more than “the taste of strawberries,” but she never received it. ”

At least two plaintiffs are mentioned in the proceedings by name.Elizabeth Russet in New York Reportedly The main plaintiffs in the class-Action suit, Yahoo! News and TMZ reported as. Anita Harris, who filed a proceeding in the Southern Illinois district, is also named. Harris claims that Kellogg’s misrepresents the amount of berries in toaster pastry products.

According to the proceedings, matte strawberry products actually contain less than 2% of “dried strawberries, dried pears, dried apples” and 40 red foods, according to nutrition labeling. USA Today reported..

“We can’t provide a true strawberry flavor,” Harris said, because Pop-Tarts actually contains a very “significant amount” of pears and apples in its products. The proceedings said the addition of red food coloring was even more misleading.

Plaintiffs are seeking $ 5 million in damages because Kellogg’s products do not offer the nutritional benefits of having more real strawberries.

Kellogg hits in a lawsuit over Pop-Tarts’ strawberry shortage

Source link Kellogg hits in a lawsuit over Pop-Tarts’ strawberry shortage

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