Kevin Hart’s “Healing” Movie | Entertainment

Kevin Hart wants his new movie The Fatherhood to be a cozy classic.

The latest movie of the 41-year-old actor is based on the true story of Matt Rogerin, who became a single father when his wife Liz suddenly died after the birth of her daughter Maddy. Kevin hopes this movie will help those who deal with grief.

He told Variety: “I think this is a movie that really moves the needles at many different levels. It’s an evergreen, it’s going to last forever, and people always come back and feel good,” he said.

The film is based on a book Matt wrote about his experience, and Kevin added, “It is of utmost importance to ensure that I make his story justice.” [Logelin’s] The book was written to heal. The book was written to help him express, bring it out, and experience the same. “

Kevin is also excited to show black paternity on the screen in another way.

He explained: “I was able to portray a black man positively on the big screen. This is something you rarely see. We are always in drug dealers or prisons. Just back. I repeat the same thing over and over again, so it was nice to have a story that was grounded, real, and allowed people to leave with a positive feeling. “

Kevin Hart’s “Healing” Movie | Entertainment

Source link Kevin Hart’s “Healing” Movie | Entertainment

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