Kid Cudi counters criticism of his painted nails | Entertainment

Kid Cudi counterattacked critics of his painted nails.

A 37-year-old rapper received a nasty remark under a photo showing an orange and glittering blue manicure when throwing a sign of peace on a “Mandalorian” helmet over the weekend, after receiving an annoying remark on Instagram. I disabled the comment.

On Twitter, he explained: “I turned off comments on Instagram. There seems to be a real problem with nailing. I’m tired of blocking a lot of accounts. If you don’t want to do this, you need to understand. Or whatever I do, don’t buy my album, don’t come to my show. F *** How. “

After recently revealing that Kurt Cobain inspired him to wear a floral dress at “Saturday Night Live,” Kudi shut down his nail critics.

The’Day’n’Nite’hit maker turned his head to a strapped gown at a midnight comedy sketch show in April.

He later explained on the cover of The Face magazine in 1993 that the late Nirvana frontman, who famously rocked a similar style, was his muse.

He said, “The image of seeing Kurt Cobain in a dress was very rock’n’roll to me. It was cool. So I already decided to do this many years ago. And it’s cool because I’m here. Also, give the kids confidence, be themselves, and tell them to do what they want to do. “

The “Memory” hit maker faced a backlash from some for his outfit choices, but he loves what caused him a ruckus.

He states: “I’ve seen someone making a YouTube video that just talks to me exactly about this dress. A grown-up man, an angry, a grown-up black man, like angry.” And doing something about manliness. What’s going on … “and I just say,” Yeah, this is so funny, it’s crazy, so I stirred it up like this. “

“I’m more similar” Hmm, why do they feel that way? I wasn’t the kind of person thinking about backlash. I don’t give af *** about what everyone thinks. You can “when you are doing this s ***. I knew it would offend some people, but I like it. Hip-hop is so weird about s ***. “

Kid Cudi counters criticism of his painted nails | Entertainment

Source link Kid Cudi counters criticism of his painted nails | Entertainment

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