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Kim Petras is “proud” to be transgender, but doesn’t want to be defined by her gender.

A 28-year-old pop star who experienced a transsexual at the age of 16 loves to have the opportunity to celebrate how far the LGBTQ + community has come each year.

Kim talks about the issue of GLAMOR UK’s pride cover shot by musician Hannah Diamond: as a whole. And again, celebrate your personal journey. “

However, the singer claimed that her sexuality was just a “footnote” to her musical career.

She explained: “I don’t think taking it seriously is the way to do it.

“And to be honest, the more successful I am in my music, the more transgender it becomes.”

The “Malibu” singer added: “I’m an artist, not a gender. I’m nothing but an artist. I don’t consider people as sexuality or gender, but the world is different. More than that.”

Kim confessed that he was “embarrassed and scared” to be transgender.

She said: “How is this? [being transgender], And perhaps for many, I used to be embarrassed. I used to be scared, or used to be, why can’t I just be normal? But now I’m proud to overcome it, love myself, and be openly transgender. “

But her family was always supportive and knew that Kim intended to be a girl from the age of two.

She states: “I was really lucky because my family was as usual. You can be anyone who wants to stay at home. You can just be yourself. And makeup if you are at home. You can also wear girls’ clothes, braids, ponytails, and whatever I want.

“My mom always said that when I was a kid I had a talented suitcase. I may not have much money and things may not be so much, but I The challenge is always trying to get me out of it, so I just trust my talent. “

Kim Petras: I’m an artist, not a gender | Entertainment

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