La Rose visits Lima to discuss Ohio businesses and elections

Lima-Frank LaRose spent a lot of time on Friday in Lima talking to Republicans, talking to Mayor Charetta Smith, and looking at the Makerspace facility. But it was on Elizabeth Street that he enjoyed Kewpie and Frosty and shared his thoughts.

As Ohio’s Chief Election Officer, the Secretary of State oversees the election process and appoints members of the Election Commission of each of Ohio’s 88 counties. The Secretary of State oversees the administration of election law. Review state-wide initiatives and referendum petitions. She chairs the Ohio Ballot Committee, which approves ballot languages ​​for state-wide issues. She canvases all selective state positions and votes for issues. Investigate fraudulent elections and fraud.

He received support from former President Donald Trump, but I don’t think the election was stolen in Ohio. LaRose believes Ohio has the right balance of easy access to voting while maintaining the security of voting.

“There’s always something we can do. Ohio is a gold standard in many ways, but nothing is perfect. One of the things we’ve done is to maintain an accurate number of voters. That’s what we do. It’s doing a very good job, it means doing a better job than getting rid of dead people. Only citizens can vote. ”

LaRose believes Lima is heading in the right direction in downtown development. “We need downtown with live, work and play. We have to have a place for people to live. It’s a job opportunity.”

Talking about commercial development like Easton in Columbus, “They are trying to make what you have in a real article from the field. It’s the downtown area. It’s not the same. They’re in a small town. I know you’re trying to look like, but there’s no history. There’s no culture. There’s no sense of place like Lima. So what you have in the downtown area is that it’s taken care of and Given the required TLC, it can be a truly great community asset. ”

The rest of the Secretary of State deals with large and small businesses.

“This job is a platform that I’m an advocate for small businesses and has actually tried to help make the state a more friendly place of business. In 2020, new business formation will peak. People took advantage of that opportunity to do what Ohio entrepreneurs have always done: products and products in the free market where people want to pay and make money. I’m finding a creative way to serve. People were starting new businesses — 171,000 new businesses in 2020. It was a record. I thought there was no way to repeat this, but it was 2021. It took place in the year. It was 190,000, so I hope it continues. “

Larose explained the opportunities seen in his role as Secretary of State. “I love my job. I love the job I do for my mission. I never spend a day, a week, a month of my life unless I believe in it. I We believe in the work of this office because we are doing two things. We help people vote and help people start new businesses, both empowering people’s lives. I ran for this office because I think I’m giving it. Being able to choose my leader and being able to participate in a free market economy will revolutionize individuals or families. “

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose visits Kewpie on Elizabeth Street.

La Rose visits Lima to discuss Ohio businesses and elections

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