Lawn and garden consumables suppliers see a surge in consumer sales during a pandemic.Ohio

Cleveland, January 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / -COVID-19 is expected to continue to influence daily habits until at least 2021. $ 9 billion The US lawn and garden consumables market continues to benefit from people who spend more time at home.

  • One of the biggest impacts of the pandemic is that DIY home garden and landscaping projects have been carried out as part of consumers’ favorite quarantine activities, increasing the amount of time people spend in the garden.
  • Professional sales of lawn and garden consumables fell in many markets due to business closures and other economic factors resulting from pandemics, but consumer sales surged.
  • As remote work becomes more common in the post-pandemic world and supports long-term growth opportunities in the consumer market for lawn and garden consumables, attention to outdoor life is expected to increase further after 2021.

The consumer market has strong long-term growth potential

As the virus becomes more tightly controlled and the proportion of new hobbies entering the market slows, some households revert to pre-pandemic horticultural habits, while many engage in hobbies featured in horticultural blockades. I will continue to do it. As a result, lawn and horticultural supplies suppliers are trying to position themselves to maximize their opportunities. For example:

  • To January 2021, CRH’s Old Castle APG Unit (supplier of landscaping and horticultural products such as pavement, composite decks, sacked concrete, stone supplies, mulch, soil, potting soil) is a regional producer of sacked mulch and soil in the Midwest. Acquired CST.
  • To December 2020, Central Garden & Pet, the third largest supplier of lawn and garden consumables in the United States in 2019, announces the acquisition of Green Garden, a leading supplier of vegetables, herbs, flower seed packets, seed starters, and phytonutrients. did. North America..

Want to know more?

Lawn and garden consumables Now available from the Freedonia Group. This survey covers the US market for lawn and garden consumables. This includes packaged consumables used for maintenance of lawns, gardens, borders, and other external areas. Demand by product, market, and end user is displayed at the manufacturer level. Sales by product, end user, and distributor include distributor and retailer markup. Historical data (2009, 2014, 2019) and forecasts for 2024 and 2029 are provided for lawn and garden consumables in current dollars.

Product included:

  • fertilizer
  • Solid (or dry) – contains granules, powders and spikes
  • liquid
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides (selective or non-selective; pre-germination or post-germination)
  • Insecticide
  • Fungicide
  • Rodenticide
  • Animal repellent
  • Growing media
  • Packaging soil (potting soil, garden soil, topsoil, planting mix, soilless potting soil)
  • Soil conditioners (bark, charcoal, compost, humus, limestone, fertilizer, peat, pearlite, sand, spagnum peat moss, vermiculite)
  • Seeds (lawn and turf, including turf, flowers, shrubs, other ornaments, vegetables, herbs, other edible gardening)
  • Root cover and other ground cover plants
  • Tree root covering and chips (conventional and colored)
  • Rubber multi
  • Other root coverings and ground coverings
  • Other lawn and garden consumables such as growth regulators, pH controls, stump removers, biostimulants, etc.

The market is:

  • Residential
  • Golf course
  • Governments and agencies
  • Commercial and industrial
  • Commercial nurseries and gardening centers, and other markets such as lawn farms, graveyards, and lawn areas for privately owned sports venues.

The distribution channels are:

  • Home center
  • Mass retailer
  • Gardening Supplies Center
  • Mail order / Internet
  • Hardware and feed store

The end users are:

  • Consumer / DIY
  • Professional / DIFM
  • Lawn and landscaping service company
  • Landscaping and maintenance employees at golf course, commercial, government, and institutional locations
  • Nursery and turf

About Friedonia Group – Freedonia Group, a division of MarketResearch.com, is one of the world’s leading industrial research companies, publishing over 100 studies each year. Since 1985, we have provided surveys to customers of all sizes, from global conglomerates to single consulting firms. Over 90% of Fortune 500 industrial companies use Freedonia Group surveys to support strategic planning. Each survey includes product and market analysis and forecasts, in-depth discussions of key industry trends, and market share information. Studies can be purchased at www.freedoniagroup.com and also at www.marketresearch.com and www.profound.com.

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Lawn and garden consumables suppliers see a surge in consumer sales during a pandemic.Ohio

Source link Lawn and garden consumables suppliers see a surge in consumer sales during a pandemic.Ohio

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