Lawrence City Judge Reduces COVID-19 Vaccine Fines | News

Chesapeake, Ohio — Not a $ 1 Million Opportunity, Judge Donald Capper of Lawrence City Gives People in His Criminal Court the Opportunity to Reduce Fines or Costs by $ 150 If They Get the COVID-19 Vaccine It offers.

Lawrence County Health Department officials vaccinated against COVID-19 in the City Courthouse of Chesapeake reduced fines or used three days of community service.

The Ministry of Health secured 25 Johnson & Johnson one-shot vaccines last week, Capper said.

“We wanted a one-shot vaccine, so we didn’t have to worry about follow-up shots,” Capper said.

After the shot is administered, district court officials offer people to register for the Vax-A-Million lottery. Two $ 1 million winners have already won A program set by Governor Mike DeWine.

This program is offered to people accused of minor crimes such as shoplifting and drunk driving. Capper said the program could be extended to people in traffic courts if the Department of Health wishes.

Those facing imprisonment have not been offered the deal, but one who appeared late in court last week faced being imprisoned in jail over the weekend, Capper said. The person was to be vaccinated before appearing in court, he said.

He said that some people in the district court were some of the hard-to-reach people.

“No one needs to accept the offer,” Capper said. “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is trying to get the vaccine in 70% of the country. It hasn’t been there yet.”

Capper decided to provide the vaccine after seeing other judges making similar proposals.

“I’m happy with that,” he said.

Lawrence City Judge Reduces COVID-19 Vaccine Fines | News

Source link Lawrence City Judge Reduces COVID-19 Vaccine Fines | News

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