Learn Spanish in Barcelona

Have you ever wondered what would it be like to be fluent in one of the most popular languages in the world? Do you have the urge to expand your horizons and experience a whole new challenging adventure? Maybe a Spanish course in Barcelona is the answer you have been looking for.

Nowadays, there are plenty of alternatives for those who are embarking on the task of learning a new language. Online platforms and apps have gained popularity and can become a helpful tool for students or professionals with little time to attend regular lessons.

However, the learning process tends to be longer and routine-like. If you are more intrigued and attracted to the broad aspects of Spanish, that is its language, culture, history, and use, the best thing you can do is take an intensive Spanish course in one of the best cities in the world, Barcelona.

A highly recommended international school offers different types of courses for every need. Visit Expanish.com and pack your bags! Barcelona is waiting for you.

Spanish is the new trend

 Even though Spanish has been of the most spoken languages of the world, it has recently gained a lot of popularity among English-speakers. The rise of the Latino community in entertainment and music is shifting the role that the language has had worldwide. Now, everybody wants to learn Spanish!

Hollywood has not been excluded from this trend. Film productions and television networks are casting native Spanish speakers and developing scripts and roles that could be defined as outside of the regular mainstream content.

Furthermore, top-notch artists and Hollywood stars are publicly manifesting their love for the Spanish language and culture:

When she was a teenager, Gwyneth Paltrow, the Oscar-winning movie star, went to Spain for a year to learn the language and is now completely fluent. She travels to Spanish-speaking countries frequently and urges her family and friends to learn this beautiful language. She even has a Spanish nanny so that their children can practice at home.

Gwyneth claims that her experience in Spain changed her life completely, and she feels that, with the language, she also learned a different way to live and face life. She feels that everyone should be able to experience the warmth of Spanish culture and the amiability of the locals at least once in their lifetime.

Another influencing actress with tight bonds to the Spanish language is the young, acclaimed star, Anya Taylor Joy. Her father is originally from Argentina, and she spent her childhood living in a Latin American country. After that, she went to Great Britain and the USA and became the star we all know now, but her love for Argentina is still part of who she is.

Anya speaks Spanish fluently and with a thick Argentinian accent. She loves the typical Argentine food and the ways of life of the locals. She visits her family living there on a regular basis and even manifested her wish of sometimes settle in Argentina for a while.

Many of her fans became curious about her love for Spanish and are embarking on the process of learning it. The best way to achieve this, without any doubt, is to visit a Spanish-speaking country.

The city of Barcelona

Barcelona is located on the Northeastern coast of Spain, within the region of Catalunya. It has become one of the major cultural and influential cities of western Europe, as it hosts students, professionals, and tourists from all over the world throughout the whole year.

It is a city that has it all. Do you enjoy laying at the beach and dipping your feet in the Mediterranean Sea? You can do that every day. Or would you rather hike a mountain and do trekking activities? Be our guest! The magnificent landscape and pleasant climate all year round make Barcelona an idyllic destination for everyone.

 If you are an art fan or wish to develop your professional career in this field, Barcelona is the place to be. Everywhere you look, an interesting building, art gallery, or music theater are to be expected. The literary life in Barcelona is quite rich as well, all the major publishing houses of the world are based there.

Locals speak Spanish and Catalan fluently. The rich cultural and artistic atmosphere adds an interesting layer for foreigners seeking to learn the Spanish language.

Expanish school in Barcelona

 Expanish is one of the most recognized language schools in the world and it is based in the most important cities worldwide.

The Expanish school in Barcelona offers a variety of Spanish courses suited for every need. The learning methodology is focused on the student.

Taking into account the level of exposure you have had to the language and a specific set of skills, the first thing you should do is take a Spanish test to know your level. On the Expanish website, you can take a free exam that will determine what you know and what you still need to learn.

The courses can be intensive, regular, or target-oriented such as specific courses for international exam preparation. It is up to you! Consider what is your goal and how much time you have available.

The best thing you can do is immerse yourself completely in the experience. Visit the city and talk to locals, learn the culture and the food. All these aspects enrich and add to the learning process.

Expanish school assists you with everything you might need to plan the trip: type, of course, expenses, tours and activities, and even accommodation. The teachers and staff are kind and ready to help. Reach out to them!

Check the reviews and comments from other students who already took the Spanish course and Barcelona. Read the recommendations and take the most advantage out of this experience.

Are you ready to learn Spanish and see where this exciting new adventure takes you?

Visit the Expanish website and social media for more information.



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