Letter: Lima’s Heartbeat Can’t Get Federal Cash

I’m writing this reply to your placement in a February 5th article entitled “Millions of Dollars Taxes Following the Anti-Abortion Center” written by Kimberly Cruz.

As the medical director of Lima’s Heartbeat, I was amazed at the false information mentioned in the article. The biggest problem was that Lima News would publish this article without any information about Ohio. Lima Heartbeat does not get federal or state funding.

Our center has been open since 1973. Our funds are raised through fundraising, donations and grants from the Family Foundation. We do free pregnancy tests and free ultrasounds, and we can read the results and send them to the doctor, so patients can get prenatal care sooner.

The center offers free parenting classes for young women and men who are expecting a baby or have children under the age of three. Our classes provide information to help parents build a healthier and safer environment for their families.

In addition to the child-rearing education we receive, we have earned incentive points that can be exchanged for donations at our center, focusing on items that children need, such as diapers and clothing. Heartbeat does not charge for the goods or services you receive. There are classes to support women who choose to have an abortion if they wish.

Lima Heartbeat has never said it was a medical facility. It also does not provide what the 8th Avenue clinic or county health department offers. If you find a woman who needs support or a doctor for her pregnancy, she will refer you to both hospitals and call your health care provider. During the pandemic, local hospitals and doctors are so overwhelmed that they will accept women within a week and introduce them to social welfare and insurance support.

We thank the community that continues to support us while we serve our local families.

Dr. Marilyn Kindig Stahl


Letter: Lima’s Heartbeat Can’t Get Federal Cash

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