Letter: Makes my heart smile

We now need more positive headline media news than ever before. Thanks to Lima News for a recent report on Andrew Green’s recovery after the long Covid battle. His wife Daniel thanked God for many answered prayers.

When she saw the Young Leader Award-winning Cali Taylor of the Lima / Allen Chamber of Commerce on the front page and thanked her heavenly father for helping her client’s mental health services. I was inspired.

Thanks also to Hometown Stations Fox News for covering the explanation of Mother’s Day for pregnant mothers with amniotic fluid embolism. Good medical teamwork not only saved the mother, but also sent her home with her baby. Dr. Bill Shelger praised the determined team that took care of her, and he praised God’s intervention.

News like this makes my heart smile when I see good things happening and hear the people involved trust God.

I hope you can see happier news in the future.

Joyce M. Buetner,


Letter: Makes my heart smile

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