Letter: Still hot and humid over evacuation

Anyone with half the brain will know how to evacuate our army from Afghanistan:

But as Michael Reagan says — Biden did it all in bass. Biden’s two top generals advised him to leave an army of 2,500 to protect the evacuation, but Biden decided not to listen to experts. Then, when Geraldo Rivera asked if the general advised him to keep his army, he blatantly lied and said, “It’s not something I remember.”

Currently, 13 brave soldiers have died and more are injured. The Taliban use our own available equipment, guns and ammunition for us and the people of Afghanistan.

In addition, other world leaders consider him a joke, or worse, a Chinese pawn.

Biden is clearly at some stage of dementia. Hope I’m not offending anyone when hell is our leader (including Jill) waking up and trying to do something about him-but I’m angry with this mess and everything else Yes, he created.

Al Killeen


Letter: Still hot and humid over evacuation

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