Lewis brings a wealth of musical experience to Findley

FINDLAY — In 2003, Eliot Lewis joined Daryl Hall and John Oates as keyboard players and has appeared in many episodes of the award-winning show Live from Daryl’s House since its inception in 2007. His original style is a progressive mix. Blues, soul, pop rock. He will bring that style to Findley at 7:30 pm today at the Ahmes Hall of the Findley Marathon Center for the Performing Arts. Main Cross Street 200 W, Findley.

Lewis missed his time in a pop duet playing hits such as “She’s Gone” and “Rich Girl” at Madison Square Garden in New York.

“When I first played on that stage, I looked up at the crowd to the place I remember sitting at the beginning and told myself,’You’re actually doing this and you’re here.'” He said. “I’m always grateful for the somewhat emotional and out-of-body experience.”

Lewis has made great success in national television appearances, including TV performers such as Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Kimmel, as well as episodes of “The Voice,” “Today Show,” and “The View.” I put it in.

“It’s always interesting to do these TV shows and their content,” he said. “The PR and exposure gained by doing any of these is obviously very important and necessary to reach even more people, so I don’t mind joining them.”

One of Lewis’ latest releases is the all-instrumental album “Sonic Soldier”. This work was born out of his popularity with the instrumental work included in his previous album.

“I grew up listening to Jeff Beck so much that I was always inspired by the instrumental side of things,” he said. “I started out as a drummer at the age of 10 and then went to guitar, bass, and keyboards. I really wanted to be a self-contained songwriter and artist. I did a lot of collaboration. , Being able to do everything makes it even faster and more efficient. “

Many future collaborations are coming for Lewis during the solo concert.

“I’m still doing a solo exhibition, and then I’m going to meet Daryl Hall and Todd Rundgren for another tour with them,” he said. “There are also some Hall & Oates dates, and a new episode of” Live from Daryl’s House “has begun, and you can see that I’m attending from the beginning. I co-starred with nearly 100 different artists on the show, and it was a dream come true. “

The door opens one hour before show time. Tickets range from $ 15 to $ 50 each and can be purchased at box office revenue and online at

Musician Eliot Lewis brings a unique blend of progressive blues, soul and pop rock to the Marathon Performing Arts Center.

Lewis boasts a performance with Hall & Oats and many TV appearances

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Lewis brings a wealth of musical experience to Findley

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