Liberty Development Company plans to give Willoughby Union Highville a “next life” – News-Herald

Liberty Development Company We are in talks with Willoughby to rehabilitate the Willoughby Union High Building into a one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment, a town home behind the 1915 building.

This will be Liberty Development’s first project in Willoughby. A full-service real estate development and management construction company has been actively looking for projects in the city for about five years. At that time, the company came to know the community, said Dru Siley, vice president of development for the company.

“We feel that Willoughby has a lot to offer, including neighborhoods, amenities, parks, open spaces, and great downtown,” says Siley. “Initially, in 2017, the city issued a request for proposal for both the old junior high school building opposite Building A and Center Street Building B.

“At that time, we were just beginning to know Willoughby, so we didn’t respond,” he continued. “I got to know the community, saw what was happening in Building A, approached the city and asked if I had the opportunity to make suggestions.”

The Liberty Development Company is in talks with Willoughby on a development agreement to rehabilitate the Willoughby Union High building into a one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment and the town home behind the 1915 building. (Photo by Mara Morrison).

Willoughby’s director of economic development, Tom Tillman, said the city was successful in meeting with Willoughby Eastlake City Board of Education and district director Steve Thompson to negotiate new purchase prices for buildings and real estate. ..

“Great things are moving forward,” Thielman said at a recent council meeting. “There’s a lot of work going on to make this work. There’s a lot of detail about what the developers, cities, and schools are expecting, and the original development contract that needs to be remade. Yes, we are seeking permission to redo transactions based on these boundaries. “

Mayor Robert Fiara has seen the city speak openly over the past few months on two things: rental properties and density.

“I think this solution works for both,” says Fiara. “It saves valuable assets and is the minimum density for sale. This is a win-win.”

In addition to negotiating an agreement with the city, Liberty Development has made the final decision to bring the team together for the project. Within the next few months, Sairee will reveal details of the 1915 building rehab design and the town home design that the company is proposing behind it.

“Culturally for Willoughby, Union Highville has been part of the downtown area for over 100 years and has found its useful uses. For the next 100 years, giving the next life is to protect. It will be an important factor. Downtown features, “sairee said.

Liberty Development is proposing to reuse the Union High building for 28 market price, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. The target market is young professionals and empty nest syndrome, Sairee said.

Behind the scenes, the company proposes 19 town home units. There are three types of town homes with the same demographics, but for those who want to own their own home.

“In the case of an apartment, the building looks the same as it does today,” says Siley. “Restoring the exterior, replacing all windows, and restoring the front door of the building facing West Point Park, which was closed a few years ago, will rejuvenate the exterior.

“Internally, we are considering apartment units in the range of 650 sq ft to 1,000 sq ft.”

Elevators will be added to the Union High Building, and ample parking for all lessors and guest parking will be provided on the premises.

The town home facing Center Street is currently a 6- or double-decker town home. They have three bedrooms, two and a half baths and a garage with two cars. Facing Euclid Avenue, there are five three-storey town homes. It also has 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and a garage for 2 cars.

Eight four-story town homes are proposed in the middle of the site, between the Euclid Avenue frontage and the Center Street frontage. They also have 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and a garage with 2 cars. All town home design garages are behind the house.

“By offering different unit types, we believe the project will be attractive to different buyers and renters,” says Siley. “I’ve been watching Willoughby for the last five years and it’s blooming. I’m excited to be part of it.”

Liberty Development has been in business since 1996. According to Siley, the company’s regional success is due to the implementation of a town home project similar to the one proposed to Willoughby, where it takes advantage of what was previously a different location to live a new life. am sending.

“The real estate market in Willoughby is hot right now, so I think it’s a good opportunity to see more vibrancy in the town,” he said.

Liberty Development Company plans to give Willoughby Union Highville a “next life” – News-Herald

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