Lieutenant Toledo Fire Ronkei retires

Toledo, Ohio — A respected Toledo firefighter was celebrated a long and successful career by his firefighting family on Friday.

Lieutenant Ronkei Toledo Fire Rescue Department I will retire on Saturday after working in Toledo City for nearly 35 years.

After graduating from Whitmer High School in 1985, Kay worked as a health and safety officer at the Toledo Fire Safety Department. He is also the head of the Washington Township Fire Department and will continue to play that role.

Lieutenant Kay told WTOL11 that he believed in the younger generation while helping to establish the party, so he didn’t have to worry about the direction of TFRD.

“Prime Minister Armstrong, I like her vision and goals for the division, so I’m leaving today knowing that the division will be in great hands for the future,” said Lieutenant Kay.

With the exception of the fire department, Lieutenant Kay will continue to refer to local college football as a board member of the Mid-American Conference.

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Lieutenant Toledo Fire Ronkei retires

Source link Lieutenant Toledo Fire Ronkei retires

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