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Los Angeles — The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences wanted to open a museum dedicated to film and filmmaking, as long as its members made films with audio and handed out Oscars. It finally happens on Thursday with the opening of the Academy Film Museum.

This is a view of Los Angeles’ new seven-story, 300,000-square-foot cinema without a spoiler.

long ago…

The museum has been hanging in the Hollywood air for so long that the word “finally” was found in almost every story and comment in the opening.

“Finally, finally, welcome to the Academy Film Museum,” Tom Hanks said in a media preview last week. Hanks, a member of the board, led the $ 388 million project financing with actor Annette Bening and Walt Disney Executive Chairman Robert Iger.

Announced in 2011 and scheduled to open as early as 2016, the museum has a typical delay for such projects and novelties such as the discovery of ice age fossils that are better suited to the La Brea Tar Pits under the block. I was bothered. .. Then came the wave of postponement of the pandemic.

The Academy’s president, David Rubin, told The Associated Press that the institution had been playing a long game, and at least conceptually, the museum was under construction for almost a century, not ten years.

“We’ve been burning candles for 92 years,” said Rubin, the fifth president since the project was announced. “We have gone through many transitions to get here, but it’s time.”

What is playing

A shark blues made of “Jaws” mold hangs on the bank of the museum’s escalator. This is one of the few features that visitors can see in an open space. To capture the Wizard of Oz’s Ruby Slippers, the Citizen’s Cane’s specific sled, and the Star Wars droids, you’ll need to enter a dark gallery as if you were stepping into a theater. ..

Filmmaking tools are the main theme inside. One exhibit is built against the backdrop of Mount Rushmore, which was used for Alfred Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest.” The other is equipped with more than a century of filmmaking machines, including today’s standard giant cutting machine used by Thelma Schoonmaker to edit Martin Scorsese films.

And there are lots of videos from almost every movie featured.

Hanks looked at all the clips, looked at all the dresses, and measured the time it took to read every word very concretely. “It will take three and a half days.”

Spread the shot

Academy leaders have been catching up with the issue of diversity in Oscar in recent years. The museum allows them to pursue it from the beginning.

There are costumes for “With” as well as “Wizard of Oz”.

The first featured exhibition celebrates the work of legendary Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki.

The Director’s Inspiration gallery has an exhibition of Spike Lee, including the costumes worn in the movie and the purple suit worn on Oscar in 2019. He won the best screenplay for “BlacKkKlansman”, but was furious when he took the best pictures. I went to “Green Book”.

Two women and soap bubbles

Designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano, the museum consists of two buildings in Wilshere Boulevard, next to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. One is the old department store in 1939 and the other is newly built.

The piano told AP that the film influenced his design from the beginning, from the use of shadows and light to how to think of the building as the archetype of two classic Hollywood characters.

“Grandmother and beautiful lady,” said Piano, “they are connected by a bridge and talking.”

Above the new building is a terrace and a concrete and glass dome, which is a visual feature of the museum. The piano believes this could lead to a nickname like “The Shard” on the London skyscraper he designed. He said he really wanted this to be called a “soap bubble” rather than a “death star.”

But he emphasizes that his building is not fragile. “The best thing about soap bubbles is that they swell,” he said. “But this is never, never, never. Very well done.”

Favorite things

Academy CEOs Dawn Hudson, Rubin and Hanks shared which parts to recommend as the best parts of the museum.

Hudson: “The picture Wes Anderson drew for’Fantastic Mr. Fox’and the doll he made. It’s one of my son’s favorite movies. It’s the emotional I had. It’s an attachment. “

Rubin: “I think Cinephilia is pleased to see Rosebud in’Citizen Kane’. That was my favorite. But I went to the costume exhibition and went to the costume of’With’and the movie’Mid” by Ari Aster. If you look at Ari Aster’s amazing floral masterpieces, you’re sure to do that, even if you’ve never seen a movie. It’s dazzling. “

Hanks: “It’s a room full of old magic lanterns. Hundreds of years ago, with the power of the focused candlelight before the lights came on, the blanks of tigers and lions of volcanoes that exploded as well as past volcanoes. A small slide projector that projects a realistic image onto a wall in front of you. “

Hanks added that the entire museum is “the world’s largest magic lantern” for him.

Tom Hanks will speak at a press conference on the opening of the Academy Museum in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The Academy Museum is set to rotate

Lille, Rosebud, R2-D2:-Lima News

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