Lima City celebrates milestones from every stage of life

Lima — The golf team, centurion, and recently retired patrolman were commended by the city council on Monday.

The resolution was issued to the Lima Central Catholic (LCC) Women’s Golf Team, which won the Division II State Championship. Randy Tigner has retired from the Lima Police Station (LPD). And James Sullivan, who turned 100.

Jamie Dixon, a member of the 5th ward assembly, enthusiastically talked about the recently retired patrolman Tigner. Dixon explained how Tigner described LPD as what community-oriented police members should be.

“If I were to make a model officer, it would be the officer’s Tigner,” Dixon said.

Meanwhile, District 3 Congressman Carla Thompson talked about his first interaction with patrolman Tigner after moving from Cleveland and how he reconsidered police officers. She shared that her experience with officers was very different from what Tigner offered, and gave her thanks that she might not have had if she had not moved to Lima.

“Thank you for returning my faith to Patrolman Tigner and just being you,” Thompson said.

Other members of the council remembered when Tigner stopped barbecuing at many grocery stores in town and could easily make himself a “people”.

After the council chairman John Nixon presented him with a signed resolution, Tigner took some time to repay the love from the council. He laughed and thanked everyone when he told attendees that Lima was having the best barbecue everywhere.

The LCC Women’s Golf Team congratulates them on winning the state title for the fourth consecutive year. The resolution stated that victory represents all elements of discipline, dedication, determination and teamwork, and it was the council’s opinion that golf teams should not be disqualified from their achievements. ..

The resolution celebrates Mr. Sullivan’s arrival at the 100-year-old mark, demonstrating his dedication to the welfare of others through military service and philanthropy.

A resolution of appreciation to Patrolman Randy Tigner was adopted by the Lima City Council on Monday. Tigner retired from the Lima Police Station after working for 28 years at the Lima Police Station.

Lima City celebrates milestones from every stage of life

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